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Fail-Safe Data Recording Fail-Safe Data Recording

UniCAN Data Logger

Mobile recording of measurement data is subject to changing requirements:

  • no data loss
  • encrypted data transmission
  • data transmission during recording
  • permanent access to data
  • transmission paths adapted to the country and situation
  • recording of CAN signals and messages
  • fast start of recording

The UniCAN data loggers from CSM offer a solution for all these requirements. Despite their compact size, the microcontroller-based devices are very powerful. The CSM proprietary file system used for data recording to CF card is optimized for storage rate and data security.

UniCAN 3

UniCAN 3 Data Logger

With up to 12 CAN bus interfaces, freely configurable digital inputs and outputs, Wake-on-CAN, LAN, WLAN - When developing the UniCAN 3 data logger, numerous requirements from state-of-the-art vehicle development were taken into account.

UniCAN 2 CAN data loggers

UniCAN 2

The FPGA-/µ-controller- based CAN bus data loggers of the UniCAN 2 family have features that are otherwise - if at all - only found in - PC-based devices. At the same time they offer unique data security.