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Fail-Safe Data Recording

UniCAN 2

The FPGA-/µ-controller- based CAN bus data loggers of the UniCAN 2 family have features that are otherwise - if at all - only found in - PC-based devices. At the same time they offer unique data security.

  • Fail-safe data recording: Neither in the event of a supply voltage outage, nor in the event of the removal of the memory card during operation, will the hitherto recorded data be lost. The CSM REC09 file system remains consistent and recording can be continued without difficulty.
  • Concomitant recording of CAN-Trace and of signals in respectively up to eight groups with own trigger and filter conditions.
  • Support of protocols on CAN (optional) OBD2/EOBD, CCP, J1939, XCP
  • Software extensions (optional) CANsend, CAN Stimulation, Seed & Key
  • Optimized memory access on CF cards: With the increasing segmentation of the memory card, the write access on the card in the case of data loggers with conventional file systems will increasingly slow down. Not in the case of UniCAN 2.
  • Pre-trigger on CF-Card, enables Gigabyte large Pre-trigger.
  • CF cards easy to change
  • Remote data transmission over UMTS / GPRS modem simultaneously possible with the data collection.
  • UniCAN 2 Professional Tools: Easy to use, thereby high-performance configuration software package incl. configuration, data postprocessing and data transfer; ideal for fleet management.

The UniCAN 2 data logger is continuously further developed and adapted step by step to further customer requirements. Usually a firmware update is to this end enough. Talk to us!

CSM UniCAN 2  Data loggers
CSM UniCAN 2 Datenlogger


UniCAN 2 Professional frontal view
UniCAN 2 Professional frontal view


UniCAN 2 Professional back side
UniCAN 2 Professional back side


434.14 KB

  • Configuration software for data logger UniCAN 2 Professional and UniCAN 2
  • including data post processing software and manuals
  • System requirements: for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit systems) Win7/Win8/Win10 and Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Note: This zip file is password-protected. Please include your contact details in an e-mail and send it to We will send you the password as soon as possible.



UniCAN 2 Versions

The UniCAN 2 data loggers are offered in different hardware and software-expansion stages.

  UniCAN 2 Prof. UniCAN 2 M UniCAN 2 C
Number of CAN 4 up to 4 up to 4
CAN galvanically isolated      
Number of digital I/O 4 up to 4 up to 4
CF Card support up to 128 GB      
Recording of CAN messages (trace)      
Recording of signals      
Number of message groups 8 8  
Number of channel groups 8   8
CCP Block Read      
Seed & Key      
CAN Stimulation      

 not available



Uniconf is the comprehensive software package for the configuration and management of the CSM's UniCAN 2 data loggers.

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