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vMeasure exp

vMeasure exp, developed by Vector Informatik, is an easy-to-use software tool for the acquisition and analysis of measurement data that can be used in combination with all CAN- and EtherCAT®-based CSM measurement modules. CSMconfig was integrated directly to ensure swift configuration.

With only a few clicks, this software guides the user from the configuration of the measurement modules to the visualization of measurement data. vMeasure exp allows measurement data rates up to 1,000 kHz per channel via XCP-on-Ethernet. Moreover, with multi-channel applications it is possible to read up more than 1,000 measurement signals from different sources synchronously.

vMeasure exp is replacing the previous vMeasure CSM software and, among other things, additionally offers the possibility to record ECU data. The function of acquiring OBD II signals allows more in-depth diagnostics.

To facilitate further processing, the measurement data is stored in a standardized MDF format. In order to illustrate causal links on road trials, the data can also be synchronously linked to video, GPS and map data (e.g. of OpenStreetMaps).

Key features

  • Time-synchronous acquisition of measurement data from multiple sources (physical values and ECU-internal data)
  • Performing measurements with numerous measurement channels and data rates up to 1,000 kHz
  • Support of hardware-based time synchronization
  • Linking of measurement data to video, GPS and map data
  • Swift configuration of the measurement application
  • Possibilities for diagnostics via OBD II support
  • Printing and reporting function with extended comment options
  • Open and flexible platform through the use of established standards
  • Channel calculation during measurement

Supported measurement equipment

  • CAN- and EtherCAT®-based CSM measurement modules including exhaust measurement modules
  • CSM high-voltage measurement systems
  • Possible integration of measurement technology from other manufacturers
  • USB-based GPS devices
  • Video cameras with DirectShow interface
  • Analog and digital Vector interface inputs/outputs
  • CSM and Vector interfaces
vMeasure exp
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Information about vMeasure exp by Vector Informatik.

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