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Connection options HV Breakout-Modules

Connection options of the HV Breakout Modules

Easy integration of HV Breakout Modules on test benches and in test vehicles

The HV Breakout Modules (HV BM) are installed directly in the HV power cables and, depending on the type, measure current, shield current, voltage and instantaneous power. Due to the direct measurement in the HV power cables and the integrated shielding concept, the measurement results are improved.

Connection of the HV BM to the HV power cables

Depending on the type, the HV BMs are connected to the HV cables via one of the following options:

  • Cable glands for different cable outer diameters (standard HV BM)
    • Connection of the cables via ring terminals or Phoenix terminals
    • Optional plug & play as a ready prepared, HV-safe plug-in system

  • PowerLok connector system with interlock capability (HV BM C variants)
HV BM Typ 3.3 und HV BM Typ 3.3C
HV BM Type 3.3 and HV BM Type 3.3C


Cable Glands

Depending on the diameter of the HV cables, different cable glands are adapted to the housing of the HV BM. The cable glands ensure the tightness of the housing.

The cable shielding is placed on the triangle spring of the cable gland and is in contact with the HV BM housing. Optionally, the braided shield can be routed separately through the HV BM housing, e.g. for measuring the shield currents with the HV Breakout Module 1.2 +S.

The type of cable gland is selected specifically for the application, depending on the outer diameter of the HV cables. This allows easy adaptation to the respective application. With the cable glands, the Breakout Modules can be used safely and even under demanding conditions in test vehicles.

Optionally, customer-specific, HV-safe plug-in systems can also be individually prepared. This makes it easy to install HV Breakout modules in test vehicles.

In the module, the cables are mounted on threaded bolts via cable lugs with ring terminals (or Phoenix terminals in the HV Breakout Module 3.1).

PowerLok Connector System

With the connector systems PL500 (HV Breakout Module 1.2C) or PL300 (HV Breakout Module 3.3C), the HV power cables on test benches can be easily and safely connected to the HV Breakout Modules. The cable shield is also contacted to the housing via the conector system with this connection option.

Both variants are interlock-capable and when plugged in, the connector system offers protection in accordance with protection class IP67.

Color coding of the sockets on the HV Breakout Module 1.2C facilitates the proper connection of the separate HV+ and HV- power cables.

Technical data

HV Breakout Modules with cable gland

Type 9/14 11/20 15/25 Cable connection
Cable outer diameter
D1 maximum 14 mm 20 mm 25 mm
D1 minimum 9 mm 11 mm 15 mm
D2 maximum 12 mm 17 mm 21 mm
HV Breakout Modules
HV BM 1.1 1 ring terminal
per side
HV BM 1.2 2 ring terminals
per side
HV BM 1.2 +S 3 rings terminal
per side
HV BM 3.1 Phoenix terminals
HV BM 3.3 3 ring terminals
per side

HV Breakout Modules with PowerLok connector system

HV Breakout Modules Cable connection
HV BM 1.2C PL500 connector
HV BM 3.3C PL300 connector

Click on the corresponding module designation for more information.

Cable gland
Cable gland
HV BM Type 1.2  with HV-safe plug-in system
HV BM Type 1.2 with connected cables, connectors and socket as a ready prepared, HV-safe plug-in system.
HV BM Type 3.3C with PL300 connector
HV BM Type 3.3C with PL300 connector