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High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

HV Breakout Modules

Direct measurement of current, voltage and power

The HV Breakout Modules (BM) have been specifically designed for safe measurement applications on cables carrying high voltage. Current and voltage are evaluated and the power calculated online in the module.

The voltage is measured directly. Current measurement is performed by a shunt module that includes a differential amplifier, a temperature sensor and a memory chip for calibration data for automatic online temperature compensation.

The HV BM outputs the measured data with a maximum data rate of up to 1 MHz via EtherCAT® interface and simultaneously with a data rate of up to 10 kHz via the additional CAN interface. This allows a high speed data acquisition via Ethernet and at the same time data recording via CAN data logger.

The HV BM is to be inserted into the HV power cables by feeding the cables through PG cable glands into the module and connecting them there.

For the HV BM 1.1 und 1.2 CSM offers shunt modules with different measurement ranges. The shunt modules are selected seperately and are permanently installed.


  • Measurement of voltage (U) and current (I) in HV applications
    • Voltages up to ±1,000 V (measurement range up to ±2,000 V)
    • Currents up to ±800 A (rated), ±1,400 A (peak)
  • Online power calculation with 1 MHz data rate calculation, 100 % synchronous
  • Simultaneous EtherCAT® and CAN bus communication
  • Output of voltage, current and power with up to 1 MHz measurement data rate
HV Breakout Module Type 1.1
HV Breakout Module Type 1.1

HV BM 1.1 | 1.2

A typical application of the HV Breakout Modules Type 1.1 and 1.2 is single-phase measurement, e.g. current, voltage and power measurement between inverter and electric motor on the test bench and in driving tests.

The HV BM 1.1 is compact and ideally suited for measurement at auxiliaries powered via single live high-voltage cable.

HV BM 1.2 is ideally suited for measurement at large consumers such as electric motors powered via separate cables for HV+ and HV-.

HV Breakout Module Type 1.2
HV Breakout Module Type 1.2

HV BM 1.2 /S

High shield currents can have undesirable coupling effects on components in high-voltage electrical systems and impair safety and functionality.

The HV BM 1.2 has been modified to a "/S" version especially for the safe measurement of shield currents in high-voltage power lines. With the HV BM 1.2 /S, currents in the shield of a HV power line can be measured via the measurement shunt.

HV BM 3.1

The HV Breakout Module Type 3.1 has been designed for three-phase evaluation of power, current and voltage of cables carrying high voltage with currents of up to ±32 A, such as supplied by public charging stations. Three-phase measurement with only one single measurement device offers enormous cost and space savings.

HV Breakout Module Type 3.1
HV Breakout Module Type 3.1


Designation Phases Max. measurement ranges Max. measurement data rates
Nominal voltage Peak voltage Rated current Peak current ECAT CAN
HV BM 1.1 1 ±1,000 V ±2,000 V ±250 A ±500 A 1,000 kHz 10 kHz
HV BM 1.2 1 ±1,000 V ±2,000 V ±800 A ±1,400 A 1,000 kHz 10 kHz
HV BM 1.2 /S 1 n.a. n.a. ±125 A ±250 A 1,000 kHz 10 kHz
HV BM 3.1 3 ±1,000 V ±1,000 V ±32 A ±50 A 500 kHz 5 kHz



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  • Configuration software for CSM measurement modules (incl. documentation)
  • with visualization software CSMview
  • System requirements: (32- and 64-bit systems) Win7 / Win8 / Win10
  • Release notes

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HV AD ECAT Module bis ±1000 V

HV AD ECAT Measurement Modules

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