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High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

HV DTemp Measurement System

Digital temperature measurement with up to 512 measurement points

Patent pending

The CSM HV DTemp measurement system is designed for the digital and precise measurement of up to 512 temperature measurement points via a single cable connection to the HV DTemp Central Unit.

Precise knowledge of thermal behaviour and temperature curves is an essential prerequisite for the further development of high-performance high-voltage battery systems. For this purpose, temperatures must be measured with several hundred measurement points, even between the cells of the battery. With the HV DTemp measurement system, such measurements can be easily performed.

The HV DTemp measurement system consists of the three components: HV DTemp-4 Sensor Modules, HV DTemp-M64 Controller Modules and HV DTemp-P Central Unit.

With the IC (Integrated Circuit) temperature sensors of the Sensor Modules, the temperatures within the high-voltage battery are also acquired at cell level. Controller Modules transmit the digital signals to the Central Unit, which sends the measured values to the DAQ via a CAN bus. Only one high-voltage safe cable has to be led from the battery to the Central Unit, which creates only minor impact on the structure of the battery housing.


  • Use of IC temperature sensors on digital data bus
    • Miniaturized, highly accurate, robust, very immune to interference
    • Exact positioning and unique identification
    • Sensor arrangement flexibly adaptable to the measurement object
  • Very small space requirement for IC temperature sensors, controller and cables within the battery
    • Temperature measurement in places where it was previously not possible due to lack of space
    • Lowest possible influence on the measured object
  • Scalable up to 512 IC temperature sensors per Central Unit
  • HV-safety up to 1,000 V RMS
HV DTemp measurement system
Overview of the HV DTemp measurement system: Central Unit, Controller Modules and Sensor Modules in single and group arrangement (from left to right)

HV DTemp-4 Sensor Modules

Up to four IC temperature sensors are combined to form an HV DTemp-4 Sensor Module. The arrangement of the sensors is application-specific: either single or as a group on an ultra-thin flexible circuit film. With the group arrangement, temperature measurement points can be precisely reproduced in order to measure at the same point in further test batteries.

  • 4 IC (Integrated Circuit) temperature sensors on an ultra-thin flexible circuit film
  • Single arrangement or planable and reproducible group arrangement
  • Dimensions (w×h×d): approx. 1,5 mm × 0,5 mm × 1 mm (single Sensor)
  • Measurement range: -40 °C to ±125 °C
  • Internal resolution: 16 Bit
HV DTemp Sensor Modules: Flexible and reproducible arrangement
HV DTemp-4 Sensor Modules in single or group arrangement

HV DTemp-M64 Controller Module

Up to 16 HV DTemp-4 Sensor Modules are connected to one Controller Module. The Controller Module provides the addressing, the power supply of the sensors and the transmission of the temperature values to the HV DTemp-P Central Unit. Up to eight HV DTemp-M64 Controller Modules can be cascaded.

  • Control and bundling of up to 64 temperature measurement points
  • Cascading of up to eight Controller Modules (for maximum 512 temperature measurement points)
  • Dimensions (w×h×d): approx. 75 mm × 10 mm × 45 mm
  • Measurement data rate / sending rate: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 Hz
Acquisition of sensor signals with HV DTemp-M64 Controller Module
HV DTemp-M64 Controller Module

HV DTemp-P Central Unit

The HV DTemp-M64 Controller Modules are connected to the Central Unit via a high-voltage safe cable. The Central Unit controls the entire system, forwards the data via CAN bus to the DAQ software and ensures high-voltage safety with two galvanically isolated inputs.

  • Two digital inputs for a maximum of eight controller modules
  • Communication via CAN interface
  • Reinforced insulation up to 1.000 V RMS
HV DTemp-P Central Unit: Ensuring high-voltage safety
HV DTemp-P Central Unit



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