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High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

High-Voltage Safe Measurement Systems

Safe - Precise - Flexible

For measurement on high-voltage components with certified safety – in test drives, field tests, and on test benches: CSM’s high-voltage measurement systems are specifically designed for the safe and accurate acquisition of temperatures and analog sensor signals in HV environments, especially in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Safe and efficient measurements in high-voltage environments

Measurement systems from CSM provide safety from HV damage in the entire measurement chain - from the sensor to data acquisition software, and the user. As with our other CAN and EtherCAT® modules, they ensure fast installation as well as precise and reliable measurement results over the entire operating temperature range.

System Applications

Key features of high voltage safe measurement systems

  • Certified high-voltage safety for the entire measurement system consisting of CSM's measurement modules and specifically designed multi-channel cables
  • Reinforced isolation up to 1000 V separates the measurement chain from the communication bus
  • 100% end-of-line testing of every module; including testing certificate
  • High measurement accuracy even under extreme temperature and environmental conditions
  • Available in MiniModule housings for mobile use in distributed measurement applications, and as 19'' slide-in modules for use in test benches and in vehicles
  • Specially developed sensor cables to ensure safe connections of sensors to measurement modules

CSM HV-measurement systems offer certified safety in accordance with EN 61010

By using CSM measurement systems, high voltage safe measurement chains can be set up, from the point of measurement to the data acquisition computer or logger. Each module is subjected to a routine test prior to shipment. The double-insulated multi-channel cables also play an important role in the system. These cables are pre-assembled with fully insulated plastic connectors. With each multi-channel cable up to four points of measurement can be safely connected to a measurement module. This reduces time and costs for cabling. In addition, the double insulation increases the protection against damage caused by chafing. The inner insulating layer is colored blue, so that damaged cables can be detected before a hazard to the user arises.


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HV-safe measurement modules for test drives and test benches

HV-safe measurement modules for test drives and test benches.

The double-insulated multi-channel cables with fully insulated plastic connectors play an important role in the system

The multi-channel cable with fully insulated plastic connector provides a reliable connection of the whole measurement system.

cross-section of the multi-channel cable

A specifically designed cross-section provides additional safety.

Product HV DTemp

HV DTemp Measurement System

Digital temperature measurement with up to 512 measurement points

Patent pending

The CSM HV DTemp measurement system is designed for the digital and precise measurement of up to 512 temperature measurement points via a single cable connection to the HV DTemp Central Unit.

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Hochvolt AD Messmodule

High-Voltage AD Measurement Modules

With its HV AD measurement modules, CSM has designed a safe measurement system allowing for the use of standard sensors with analog voltage outputs as well as for direct voltage measurements in high-voltage environments.

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Product HV IEPE3

Type FL1000

Measurements with IEPE sensors

The HV IEPE3 FL1000 has been specifically designed for measuring analog voltages from IEPE sensors, such as triaxial accelerometers, in high-voltage environments.

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HV PT Measurement Modules

HV PT Measurement Modules

Safe temperature measurement with PT100 and PT1000 sensors

CSM's measurement modules HV PT MiniModule (HV PTMM) and the HV PT test bench module (HV PT-TBM) allow precise temperature measurements with PT100 and PT1000 resistance sensors in a high-voltage environment.

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Product HV TH

HV TH Measurement Modules

Safe temperature measurement with K-type thermocouples

Safe temperature measurements with thermocouples on high-voltage components: the high-voltage-safe temperature measurement modules are specifically designed for the reliable acquisition of temperatures in electric and hybrid vehicles.

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STG Measurement Modules

HV STG4 ECAT MM series

High-voltage safe measurement with strain gauges

HV STG4 BK20 and HV STG4 BS20 are EtherCAT®-based, robust and extremely compact measurement modules for strain gauge measurements in high-voltage environments with four time-synchronous strain gauge inputs and are excellently suited for distributed measurement applications under challenging conditions.

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Hochvolt Prüfstandsmodule

High Voltage Safe Test Bench Modules

Safe high-voltage measurements in test benches: With the 19-inch slide-in modules, CSM has created an effective product portfolio for the safe measurement of analog voltages, currents, pressures, humidity and temperatures on high-voltage components in test benches and also in vehicles.

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HV Isolation Testing Station

Operational safety test of high-voltage measurement modules

The high risk potential during measurements in high-voltage environments requires an enhanced safety awareness. This means: The user’s life and health should be put in the fi rst place.

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Hochvolt Breakout-Module zu Leistungsmessung

HV Breakout Modules

Direct measurement of current, voltage and power

The HV Breakout Modules (BM) have been specifically designed for safe measurement applications on cables carrying high voltage. Current and voltage are evaluated and the power calculated online in the module.

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