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Exhaust Gas Measurements Reliable Exhaust Gas Measurements

Exhaust Gas Measurement Modules

Complying with standards - Optimizing drives

Reliable and precise acquisition of exhaust values: For exhaust gas measurements, i.e. Lambda, O2, NOx, and NH3 in vehicles with petrol, diesel, CNG or LPG engines CSM has expanded its product portfolio with the CAN-based exhaust gas measurement modules from ECM.

ECM (Engine Control and Monitoring) is the market leader in the USA for quality exhaust gas measurement technology based on ceramic exhaust gas sensors. The exhaust gas measurement modules from ECM are the ideal complement CSM's CAN- and EtherCAT®-based measurement modules. These devices dispose over the same environmental specifications as CSM MiniModules.

CSM distributes ECM products and provides support in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.



Precise measurement of Lambda and O2

Identify the ideal fuel-air mixing ratio and optimise the engine's efficiency: LambdaCANc is a compact CAN measurement module for connecting numerous Bosch and NTK wideband lambda probes for the acquisition of Lambda and O2.

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Produkt DashCAN


Precise display of exhaust gas values

Rugged displays for the connection to the exhaust gas measurement modules LambdaCANc, NOxCANt/g and NH3: The CSM OEM display variants DashCANc and DashCANc+, depending on the module, allow the immediate display of the currently measured values Lambda, AFR, O2, pressure, NOx and NH3 levels during test drives.

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