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Fast and synchronous measurements Header Fast and synchronous measurements


Fast distributed strain gauge measurements

CSM’s EtherCAT®-based ECAT STGMM 6 with six time-synchronous strain gauge channels for quarter-, half- and full bridges has been designed for precise and synchronous acquisition of mechanical strain directly at the strain gauge measurement points.

This EtherCAT® measurement module from CSM allows fatigue analysis with more than 1,000 distributed points of measurement. The modules support data rates from 1 Hz up to 20 kHz per channel. The compact and robust MiniModule can be mounted close to the points of measurement, which in turn increases the quality of the measurement signals and considerably decreases the cabling efforts.

As an Ethernet-based data bus, EtherCAT® also allows large measurement networks with distances of up to 100 m between the individual measurement modules. This provides options for the synchronous acquisition of strain from widely separated points of measurement, such as in the case of rotor blades of wind turbines as well as construction cranes.


Key features

  • Time-synchronous acquisition of the strain gauge inputs, with measurement data rates from 1 Hz up to 20 kHz per channel
  • Six strain gauge inputs for quarter-, half- and full-bridges in 6- and 4-wire connections
  • Realisation of quarter bridges over external quarter bridge completion in the connection cable in conjunction with TEDS: This allows for extremely precise measurements, on account of the proximity of the bridge completion to the point of measurement
  • No risk of confusion, because the point of measurement and the completion resistor are identified in TEDS
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • High noise suppression due to the ratiometric measurement principle and a configurable software filter
  • Compact and robust aluminum housing with ingress protection class IP67, compatible with the other CSM MiniModules

Housing variants




377.86 KB

358.62 MB
  • Configuration software for CSM measurement modules (incl. documentation)
  • with visualization software CSMview
  • System requirements: (64-bit system) Win7 / Win8 / Win10
  • Release notes



The protocol converter for EtherCAT® and CAN to XCP-on-Ethernet

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AD4 OG ECAT MiniModul-Series

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AD4 pro Type IG100 | IG1000, AD4 Type IG100 | IG1000 and AD4 Type OG10 | OG100 | OG1000

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Applikation im Motorraum.

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