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The Measurement System in Action
E-Mobility Messystem

The Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System in Action

Flexible Solutions for Various Measurement Tasks

The simple scalability of the E-Mobility Measurement System allows flexible use in many development tasks in electromobility. Depending on the measurement task, fast ECAT measurement technology and proven CAN measurement technology can be used together in HV and NV environments. Here you will find solution examples for common test tasks in eMobility with the E-Mobility Measurement System.

Data Analysis and Measurement Data Management
Temperature, voltage, current, acceleration, strain, vibration, flow, moisture, pressure, torque, speed, frequency, and much more.
E-Mobility Basic Measurement System
CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet
Vector Data Logger / Interfaces
CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet
CSM Data Logger

Efficiency measurement of a high-voltage powertrain

Modern electrical powertrains are fully integrated, which makes instrumentation for measurement technology much more difficult. For this reason, the overall efficiency is the parameter for further optimization, since only electrical input power and mechanical output power have to be put into relation. In addition, data from the control units should also be included in the analysis so that efficiency and characteristic diagrams can be correlated. For this test the following components of the measuring system are used:

E-Mobility Basic Measurement System

  • A HV Breakout Module 1.2, which is inserted directly into the HV lines between inverter and battery, measures current and voltage.
  • A CNT4 evo measurement module measures speed and torque on the drive axles with appropriate sensors.
  • The protocol converter XCP-Gateway pro connects the EtherCAT®-based (HV BM) and CAN measurement modules (CNT4 evo) and converts the data to XCP-on-Ethernet.
  • With the eMobilityAnalyzer for vMeasure exp, the electrical input power (based on the HV BM measurement data) and the mechanical output power (CNT4 evo) are calculated in real time. With both values, the efficiency is also calculated online.

Vector Data Logger / Interfaces

  • Thanks to PTP (Precision Time Protocol), a Vector Interface VX1000 captures data from powertrain ECUs in a time-synchronized manner and allows it to be included in the analysis.


  • Measurements directly in the HV cables increase the quality of the measurement
  • Accurate analysis through real-time calculations
  • Harmonized hardware and software simplifies the measurement setup and saves time during configuration

Verification of High-Voltage Electrical Systems

The electrical systems of modern electric vehicles comprise numerous different assemblies, which use high-frequency circuits to cause current and voltage ripples in the lines. These ripples can cause serious damage to the components and unpleasant noises. In order to ensure safety in all situations, the electrical system must also be verified in road tests, which requires extensive current and voltage measurements throughout the entire electrical system. To avoid excessive amounts of data, intelligent triggers should be used in this case. This test can also be easily performed with the components of the E-Mobility Measurement System.

E-Mobility Basic Measurement System

  • With suitable HV Breakout Modules, which are inserted directly into the high-voltage cables, current and voltage are measured at various points in the vehicle electrical system.
  • At locations where HV BM is not required, currents can also be measured with Hall-effect based LEM Sensor Packages connected to the AD4 OG100 measurement module.
  • A protocol converter XCP-Gateway 4S pro acquires the data of the ECAT measurement modules, synchronizes them better 1 μs and converts them with 1 GBit/s to XCP-on-Ethernet.

Vector Data Logger / Interfaces

  • A Vector Interface VX1000 additionally acquires internal data of the vehicle control units. Thanks to PTP, this data is recorded synchronously with the data of the measurement modules.
  • Since the data is to be recorded on a data logger in the road test and numerous measurement channels with data rates up to 1 MHz have to be acquired, a high-performance Vector Smart Logger of the VP series with vMeasure log is used. Thus, up to 40 measured variables can be recorded with 1 MHz each. vMeasure log also contains the eMobilityAnalyzer function library. With this library, the voltage ripples are analyzed in real time and both raw data and analysis results are recorded.


  • Measurements directly in the HV cables increase the quality of the measurement
  • Accurate analysis through real-time calculations
  • Harmonized hardware and software simplifies the measurement setup and saves time during configuration

Testing the Operational Stability of High-Voltage Batteries

High-voltage batteries for electric vehicles have to withstand high mechanical stress during operation and especially in accidents to ensure safety. For this reason, extensive tests are necessary. With the E-Mobility Measurement System, such measurements, which include numerous different measured variables that all need to be correlated afterwards, can be easily implemented.

E-Mobility Basic Measurement System

  • Accelerations within the high-voltage battery are measured with the HV IEPE3 FL100 measurement module and IEPE sensors.
  • Strains within the battery housing are measured with strain gauges and the HV STG4 pro BS20 measurement module.
  • If additionally currents and voltages have to be measured, the HV Breakout Module 1.1 is suitable.
  • Temperatures are measured during the test with the HV TH8 evo measurement module. On the outside of the battery housing temperatures are measured with the proven CAN measurement module TH8 evo.
  • With a protocol converter XCP-Gateway pro the data of the ECAT measurement modules (HV IEPE3 FL100, HV STG4 BS20 and AD4 OG100) are synchronized and the measurement data of the CAN measurement modules are bundled.
  • With vMeasure exp and the eMobilityAnalyzer the measurements are evaluated.


  • Simple connection of different measured variables
  • Simultaneous measurements for accurate analysis
  • Harmonized hardware and software simplify the measurement setup and save time during configuration

The Overall System

The Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System contains all necessary hardware and software to perform measurement and testing tasks for eMobility. Therefore it includes:

  • Measurement modules, interfaces and software for the acquisition and synchronization of large data volumes of
    • Analog measurement data from high and low voltage environments
    • Measurement data from vehicle buses
    • Data from control units
  • Data logger for recording analog measurement data and data from vehicle buses
  • The eMobilityAnalyzer for performance analysis and other calculations in real time
  • Software packages for data analysis and data management


  • Decentralized, scalable online measurement system for test drives and test benches
  • Multi-channel real-time power analysis with direct current and voltage measurement in HV cables
  • Simultaneous acquisition of further physical parameters (temperature, acceleration, etc.)
  • Synchronous acquisition of vehicle bus and control unit data
  • Raw data recording and parallel powerful signal analysis
  • Cloud-based data management with data mining

1.95 MB
Here you will find all information about the comprehensive measurement system for electromobility.


With the Vector Informatik software vSignalyzer, measurement data can be visualized and analyzed even more efficiently.

Thanks to the support of various file formats, measurement data from numerous sources can be acquired and conveniently visualized. Extensive function libraries and data mining functions facilitate manual or automatic analysis of the data.

The eMobilityAnalyzer function library is also a component of vSignalyzer, allowing important performance parameters to be calculated in real time.

Learn more about vSignalyzer here.


Vector vMDM (Vector Measurement Data Management) is the software solution for professional measurement data management

With vMDM, large amounts of data are conveniently managed, structured and stored. Via the cloud, data can be easily exchanged between teams and protected against unauthorized access.

The data can be processed automatically via the direct connection to the vSignalyzer.

Learn more about vMDM.

vMeasure exp

Vector vMeasure exp is the comprehensive measurement software solution for the acquisition and analysis of your measurement data - with all fesatures, which are mandatory for a modern DAQ software.

An integral part is the eMobilityAnalyzer function library, which allows comprehensive analyses of important performance parameters in real time:

  • Charger Efficiency: Determination of the efficiency of on-board chargers (for three-phase alternating current)
  • DC Analysis: Determination of RMS power, energy and ripple on current and voltage in the DC range
  • DC Efficiency: Real-time efficiency calculation
  • e-Motor Power Analysis: Determination of active, apparent and reactive power as well as the power factor of an electric motor in star or delta circuit
  • e-Motor Y-Delta: Conducts the Y-delta and delta-Y transformation
  • Ripple: Parameters about fluctuations of any input signal as well as their DC and effective values
  • Shaft/Axle Power: Mechanical energy or power
Learn more about vMeasure exp here.
vMeasure exp


XCP-Gateways provide the connection between all CAN and EtherCat®-based measurement modules and the Vector network interfaces and convert the data to XCP-on-Ethernet

The synchronicity of the ECAT measurement modules and Vector network interfaces is ensured via PTP (Precision Time Protocol) in accordance with IEEE 1588. The measurement data of the CAN modules are bundled

Depending on the measurement task and requirements, different variants of XCP gateway are available:

  • XCP-Gateway Basic: 1 ECAT input and data rate of up to 100 MBit/s
  • XCP-Gateway pro: 1 ECAT input, 2 CAN interfaces and data rate of up to 100 MBit/s
  • XCP-Gateway 4S pro: 4 ECAT inputs, 2 CAN interfaces and data rate of up to 1 GBit/s
Here you can find more information about XCP Gateways.
XCP-Gateway 4S pro
XCP-Gateway 4S pro

HV Breakout Modules

HV Breakout Modules (HV BM) measure current, voltage and power in high-voltage lines safely and precisely.

  • Synchronous measurement of single- or three-phase high voltage voltages and currents with up to 1 MHz data rate
  • Direct measurements in the HV voltage-carrying cable increases the measurement accuracy
  • Data transmission via EtherCAT® and CAN for parallel analysis and data logging

With the special types /S and +S, the HV BM can be used to simultaneously measure inner conductor and shield currents efficiently and reliably.

Here you can find more information about the High-Voltage Breakout Modules.
HV BM 1.2C and 1.2
HV Breakout-Modules 1.2C and 1.2

HV BM Split Modules

The HV BM Split modules are used in confined spaces where there is not enough space to install HV Breakout Modules. They offer similar technical features as the HV Breakout Modules, but have a different design. For flexible installation, the components of the HV Breakout Modules have been separated:

  • Sensor modules for the acquisition of current and voltage tapping
  • Measurement module for data acquisition, filtering and data transmission
  • Connection of sensor and measurement modules with HV-safe sensor cables
Here you can find more information about the HV BM Split Modules.
HV BM Split Module
HV BM Split Modules

HV ECAT Measurement Modules

The acquisition of highly dynamic processes requires fast measurement technology, even while guaranteeing high-voltage safety. For such applications we offer special measurement modules for different sensors and the acquisition of different physical values:

With the Distributed Clock functionality, the synchronization (≤ 1 μs) of all connected measurement modules is guaranteed independent of the size of the measuring setup and precise analyses become possible.

Measurement module HV STG4 pro BS20 for measurements with strain gauges

ECAT Measurement Modules

EtherCAT®-based measurement modules are used for measurement applications whose requirements exceed the capabilities of the CAN bus. Due to a high bandwidth, a large number of channels to be used and exact synchronicity of the measurement data, ECAT measurement modules are well suited for precise analyses of fast processes.

Here you can find more information about fast synchronous measurement with EtherCAT®.

Measurement module AD4 OG for measuremements with standard sensors

HV CAN Measurement Modules

Proven CAN measurement technology is also used in the high-voltage environment and allows easy to implement and reliable measurements.

HV TH4 evo
Measurement module HV TH4 evo for HV-safe measurements with thermocouples

CAN Measurement Modules

The CSM CAN MiniModules have been used for years in decentralized measurements in road tests and test benches. They impress with their compact and robust design, which allows them to be installed close to the measurement point.

CAN THMM 16 pro
Measurement module THMM 16 pro for temperature measurements with thermocouples

vMeasure log with Vector VP Smart-Loggers

vMeasure log is a high-performance and easy-to-use software solution for recording large amounts of data from different sources (CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet). It offers the same functions as vMeasure exp and also includes the eMobilityAnalyzer. Thus, calculations can already be executed during data recording and the results can be used as triggers.

Learn more about vMeasure log here.

As hardware, Vector Smart Loggers of the VP family are used. With high recording rates and their robust design, they are ideally suited for mobile use. They allow the continuous recording of measurement data rates up to 1 GByte/s and offer numerous interfaces.

Learn more about the Smart Loggers of the VP family.
Vector VP7440
Smart Logger VP7440 for logging Ethernet data up to 1 GByte/s

Vector VN Network Interfaces

Vector VN Network Interfaces are used if data from vehicle buses must be compared with the measurement data from the measurement modules. They collect data from different bus systems:

  • CAN (FD)
  • LIN
  • J1708
  • Ethernet
  • Flexray
  • 802.11p
  • GNSS

Thanks to the system-wide PTP (Precision Time Protocol), data from the vehicle buses are recorded synchronously with the data of the measurement modules and correlated exactly.

Learn more about Vector VN Network Interfaces.
Vector VN1600 Familie
Interfaces of the VN1600 Family

Vector VX Interfaces

The VX Interfaces from Vector Informatik are suitable for acquiring data from vehicle ECUs and calibrating the ECUs. The interfaces allow high-performance measurement, adjustment, bypassing and flashing of ECUs via the standardized XCP-on-Ethernet interface.

Thanks to PTP time synchronization, data from ECUs is acquired synchronously with measurement data from the measurement modules.

Learn more about Vector VX Interfaces.
Vector VX1000 Familie
Interfaces of the VX1000 Family

Data Logger UniCAN 3

Data Loggers of the UniCAN family extend the E-Mobility measurement system by another possibility to record data during the measurement.

The data loggers are well suited for all challenges in mobile use: They are extremely robustly designed and offer great flexibility for recording data from different sources and remote transmission due to numerous options. With its compact design the UniCAN 3 ETH and UniCAN 3 are ideal for use in fleet testing.

  • Ethernet interface (UnICAN 3 ETH)
  • Up to twelve CAN interfaces (optionally galvanically isolated)
    • Optional: Support of CAN FD for all interfaces
  • Four digital I/O interfaces
  • Exchangeable CF card
  • Optional data transmission via LTE modem and WLAN module

With the LTE modem and the WLAN module, the data can be transmitted parallel to the recording and evaluated spatially separated. The logger configuration can also be changed wirelessly. This allows for flexible access to the recorded data.

Datenlogger UniCan 3
Data Logger UniCAN 3