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Shunt-based current measurements under harsh environmental conditions

The CSMshunt device family extends the application range of CAN- and EtherCAT®-based AD MiniModules from CSM.

In conjunction with AD MiniModules, CSMshunts provide precise and safe current measurements from on-board power supply systems and electrical consumers in general. CSMshunts are directly looped into the current path that is to be measured. With additional voltage tap-offs, combined voltage and current measurements are possible.


  • CSMshunt with separate measurement amplifier
  • CSMshunt passive for the connection to ADMM pro HS and other measurement devices with high-accuracy 50 mV inputs
  • CSMshunt fuse for use in a vehicle's fuse box. The safety provided by the original vehicle fuse is maintained!
  • CSMshunt open with separate measurement amplifier, without housing




Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C
Robust housing
High accuracy over the entire temperature range


Measurement ranges  2,5 A 25 A 125 A 250 A 500 A
CSMshunt passive          
CSMshunt open          
CSMshunt fuse          

    not available

CSMshunt 2,5 Ampere and 25 Ampere
CSMshunt 2,5 A / 25 A with measurement amplifier.

Fields of application:

  • Acquisition and monitoring of currents in operating and stand-by phases
  • Detection of "power guzzlers" in order to avoid battery problems in standard vehicles
  • Monitoring of the sleep and wake-up behaviors of ECUs
  • Measurement of discharge/charge currents of the battery (charge balance)
  • Monitoring and logging of the battery state, in the case of vehicle transports
  • Fault analysis in the service workshop, in the case of a "break down" and other vehicles with electrical / electronic problems
  • Long-term monitoring of currents in the vehicle continuous operation
  • In conjunction with the high-voltage safe measurement modules HV ADMM 2+ and HV AD TBM 4+ and special sensor cables also suitable for use in high-voltage environments.
CSMshunt 125 Ampere und 250 Ampere
CSMshunt 125 A / 250 A with measurement amplifier.


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