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Reliable CAN Measurement Technology Reliable CAN Measurement Technology

CAN Power Control MiniModules

Centrally controlled power supply of the entire measurement chain: A CAN-based Power Control MiniModule (PCMM) serves as a central power distribution for distributed measurement setups.

The PCMM allows selectively switching on and off measurement modules, data loggers and further external devices. In addition, it compensates voltage fluctuations and dips below the minimum operating voltage of 5 V DC which can occur during engine start. The PCMM features a range of configurable switching inputs, such as terminal 15 (ignition), switching voltage from the data logger as well as an external switching voltage.

PCMM - Power Control MiniModul
PCMM - Power Control MiniModule



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  • Configuration software for CSM measurement modules (incl. documentation)
  • with visualization software CSMview
  • System requirements: (32- and 64-bit systems) Win7 / Win8 / Win10
  • Release notes

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CAN AD MiniModules classic / pro / pro2 / CXS / BNC

Allround measurement modules for sensors with analog voltage outputs: CSM’s AD MiniModules (ADMM) offer a wide range of applications for measuring analogue signals (voltage, current, pressure, flow rate, etc.).

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CAN OUT MiniModules

The OUT MiniModule is a signal output module for generating analog variables. The OUT MiniModule (OUTMM) provides configurable output signals in accordance with a value that has been pre-defined by CAN bus messages. Typical use cases for an OUTMM are test benches with analog display units and actuators as well as the simulation of parameters in early development stages (HIL testing).

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Applikation im Motorraum.

Measurement of analog voltage from sensors

Regardless of whether it involves measurements of oil circuit pressure, the flow rate in the cooling circuit or a vehicle's ground clearance, many sensors convert their respective measured quantity into an analog voltage which can be processed in one of CSM's analog measurement modules.

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