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Reliable CAN Measurement Technology Reliable CAN Measurement Technology

CAN PT MiniModule evo

Temperature measurements with PT100 and PT1000 RTD sensors

Modules for temperature measurements with increased accuracy requirements in comparison to measurements with thermocouples: PT MiniModules (PTMM evo) allow high-precision temperature measurements with PT100 and PT1000 RTD elements.

PTMM evo is available in two versions with either four or eight measurement channels. PTMM evo thus expands CSM's product portfolio with modules for high-precision temperature measurements for use in distributed measurement applications in test drives and on test benches.


  • 4 or 8 inputs for PT100 or PT1000 sensors
  • 100 Hz measurement data rate for the acquisition of fast temperature gradients
  • Individual PT coefficients can be optionally entered for best possible sensor adjustment
  • TEDS ready: prepared for TEDS-capable PT sensors
  • Operating temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Low power consumption, typ. 0.9 W (PTMM 4 evo)


A measurement data rate of 100 Hz per channel, an extended operating temperature range of ‑40 °C to +125 °C and last but not least a reduced power consumption make these modules an excellent choice, especially for measurement applications using sensors with short response times.

To achieve best possible accuracy results, PTMM evo modules can be parameterized by means of individual PT coefficients (R0, A, B and C). This allows the use of low-accuracy PT sensors if required.

PTMM evo
PT MiniModul 4-Channel evo
PT MiniModul 8-Channel evo

Housing variants

Designation Case Small (CS) Slide Case Small (SCS) Case Large (CL) Slide Case Large (SCL)
PTMM 4 evo        
PTMM 8 evo        



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  • Configuration software for CSM measurement modules (incl. documentation)
  • with visualization software CSMview
  • System requirements:

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