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Temperature measurement in e-mobility

June 15, 2021

10 am (Pacific Time) / 1 pm (Eastern Time) / 7 pm (CET)

Duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: Tom Doerr

Temperatures play a major role in the performance and safety of vehicles with electric, fuel cell or hybrid drive systems. If the temperatures in components such as the HV battery deviate significantly from their ideal range, performance losses, accelerated wear or even total failure are the result. Accordingly, temperatures must be measured intensively at many points.

  • What is the significance of temperatures in electromobility?
  • How can a HV-safe measurement chain be built - from the temperature measurement point to the data acquisition unit?
  • What are the options for temperature measurement for the various applications?
  • What advantages and disadvantages do the various options offer?
  • How can hundreds of temperatures in HV batteries be measured efficiently and safely?