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Synchronous measurements with 800 kHz with CSM and ETAS INCA®

CSM presents CSM INCA AddOn ETH for the integration of CSM EtherCAT® measurement modules in ETAS INCA®

With CSM INCA AddOn ETH, CSM extends the software product range and provides an option to integrate CSM measurement modules in the ETAS measurement software INCA®. CSM INCA AddOn ETH complements the approved CAN version of that software and allows for the configuration of CSM ECAT measurement modules and measurements with the full EtherCAT® performance directly in INCA®.

The measurement modules are connected to ETAS interface modules like ES59x or ES891 via the protocol converter XCP-Gateway. Therefore ECU and measurement data can be acquired simultaneously. Furthermore, all data is synchronised with high precision (≤ 1 μs).

The full functional range of CSM ECAT measurement modules is supported. This means: INCA® users are now able to carry out synchronous high-speed measurements with up to 800 kHz per channel directly in INCA®. This opens up new possibilities for verification and error detection routines in vehicles. Additionally, multi-channel applications with many hundreds of sensors, e. g. strain gauges, pressure or acceleration sensors (also IEPE sensors), and high precision synchronous data acquisition are possible.