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New DAQ-Software vMeasure CSM

Acquiring and visualizing measurement data reliably

vMeasure CSM, developed by CSM's cooperation partner Vector Informatik, is a tailor-made measurement and visualization tool for CSM's CAN- and EtherCAT®-based measurement modules. With just a few clicks, the software guides the user from the configuration of the measurement modules to the acquisition and visualization of the measurement data.

vMeasure CSM allows measurements with data rates of up to 800 kHz per channel via XCP-on-Ethernet. Moreover, with multi-channel applications it is possible to read up more than 1000 measurement signals from different sources synchronously. To facilitate further processing, the measurement data is stored in a standardized MDF format. In order to illustrate causal links on road trials, the data can be synchronously linked to video, GPS and map data (also offline e.g. of OpenStreetMap).

All product information at glance: visit the product site of vMeasure CSM.