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Neuer Anwendungsfall - Schirmstrommessung

Measurement of shield currents in electric vehicles

New application example

Read in our new application example how shield currents can be measured easily and safely.

CSMconfig Release V8.13.0

CSMconfig Release V8.13.0

The new version of CSMconfig is now available.

You can download the configuration software for all CSM measurement modules in our download section.

CSM HV DTemp Messsystem

CSM HV DTemp measurement system

High-voltage safe digital temperature measurement system for the development of high-voltage batteries

Patent pending

High-voltage batteries are of central importance for electric vehicles as an energy source. Their temperature behaviour must be studied in detail and temperature models must be verified. The new HV DTemp measurement system enables temperature measurements within high-voltage batteries in a completely new dimension.

Neuer Anwendungsfall

High-Speed Power Measurement on an E-Scooter

New use case available

Even small electric vehicles have to be extensively tested and optimized. Read in the new application report how the power of an electric scooter can be calculated online.

AD4 pro ECAT

AD4 pro ECAT

Precise acquisition of low sensor voltages

Certain sensors (e.g. strain gauge-based sensors) output their signals in the form of very low voltages in the millivolt range. Their use requires extremely accurate measurement technology that can acquire and process these signals.

CSMuniconf 2.4.0

CSMuniconf Release Version V2.5.0

The new version of CSMuniconf is available.

You can download the configuration software for the data loggers UniCAN 3, UniCAN 2 Professional and UniCAN 2 in the Download area.