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Measurement modules with TEDS support

The TEDS function is supported for the following modules together with CSMconfig 8.7.1 or higher:

Designation as of Hardware Revision Article Number
AD4 MX2 Rev.B ART1010100, ART1010102
AD4 pro MC10 Rev. G400 ART1010908, ART1010922, ART1010923, ART1010925, ART1010927, ART1010928, ART1010929, ART1010930, ART1010931
AD4 MC10 Rev. G500 ART1012521, ART1012522
AD8 pro MC2 F402 ART1010707
AD8 pro MC2 Rev. H ART0200801, ART0200803, ART0200814
AD8 MC2 Rev. H ART0200944, ART0201000, ART0201021, ART1013100