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Use Cases
Use Cases

Temperature Measurement in High-Voltage Batteries

High-voltage batteries play a central role in the development of electric vehicles. Temperature management is one of the key factors for their optimal function, which is why temperature measurements are carried out under different conditions during development and pre-series production. The following example shows how such a temperature measurement can be realized in the high-voltage battery.

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High-voltage battery cells require a certain temperature range to function optimally. Temperatures that are too low or too high can result in lower performance and faster aging. In order to keep the battery cells in the optimum temperature range, the overall battery system consists of the actual high-voltage battery, a cooling and heating system and the battery management system (BMS) with fault management.

Measurement task

Temperature measurements within the HV battery for optimum design of the cooling and heating system.

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The design of the BMS must be verified under changing conditions. This requires temperature measurements in the battery during various operating conditions, both on the test bench and in driving operation. The measurement technology must therefore be high-voltage safe and usable in the test bench and road test.

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The CSM-solution

  • By using highly accurate and very thin HV PT sensors it can be measured at almost any point within the battery.
  • Alternatively, thermocouple temperature sensors can be used on a HV TH4 evo.
  • Safety is ensured by special high-voltage sensor cables, which are fed into the battery system through screw connections, and the CSM high-voltage temperature measurement module HV PTMM 2.
  • A HV Breakout Module 1.2 simultaneously measures the battery current and the output power as a reference for the battery load level.
  • A XCP-Gateway pro combines the data transmitted by CAN and EtherCAT and converts them to XCP-on-Ethernet. This enables the use of common measurement data acquisition software such as vMeasure exp.
HV Temperature Measurement in E-Mobility Measurement System
Presentation of the temperature measurement in HV batteries in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System
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In addition to the ensured high-voltage safety, the CSM measurement technology used can be installed in such a space-saving manner that it can be used both on the test bench and in road tests. This saves time for any necessary conversions. In addition, this solution can be easily extended by additional CAN or EtherCAT-based measurement modules (e.g. parallel moisture measurement in the high-voltage battery) by using an XCP-Gateway pro.

  • High-voltage safe
  • Use in test bench and road test - without modification
  • Extendable with other CSM measurement technology

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