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Temperature measurements

Temperature measurements play a vital role for the development of components, reducing fuel consumption as well as for the driving comfort, in vehicles.

CSM thermo measurement modules enable efficient temperature measurements for a variety of measuring applications in the entire vehicle.

Precise acquisition of temperatures, protection of components and enhancement of comfort

Precise temperature acquisition in cold and hot climate testing

Temperature measurements in the powertrain and in the exhaust gas system play an important role, particularly in the cold and hot climate testing.  For the optimum performance of the vehicle, the temperature threshold values of the individual components may not be exceeded even under extreme environmental conditions.  Thanks to the temperature measurement modules from CSM, the precise acquisition of temperature developments in the power train and in the exhaust system under such extreme testing conditions is possible, which is essential for the optimal design of assemblies and components as well as the optimization of the cooling circuits.

Enhanced driving comfort

The temperature distribution in the passenger compartment is a decisive factor for the comfort of the driver and passengers. In order to efficiently design the HVAC components and thus the air-conditioning in the vehicle interior, the temperature measurements in the passenger compartment are used to determine the even heat distribution with minimum energy consumption. As a result, the travel comfort of the passengers will be enhanced.

E-Mobility: intelligent thermal management extends the range

Heat and cold influence the efficiency of accumulators in electric and hybrid vehicles. However, air-conditioning costs electricity. It makes more sense to collect the heat and cold, generated in the vehicle via an intelligent thermal management and to transfer it to where is needed. For example, in winter, the exhaust heat of the engine and the power electronics can stabilize the temperature of the vehicle battery. This improves the efficiency, reduces energy consumption and extends the range. In the course of the development of such a management, temperature measurements provide information about the individual heating and cooling sources in the vehicle. This is the basis for an effective temperature distribution.

Compact and robust thermo measurement modules for versatile measurement tasks

Thermo measurement modules from CSM allow a wide range of temperature measurements in the entire vehicle. Thanks to the robust and compact design, they can be installed close to the sensor, either directly in the engine compartment or in the trunk of the car. In the case of long-term tests in the passenger compartment, the modules can also be hidden under seats or mounted in the glove compartment. Thus, a potential source of irritation for the driver and passenger can be reduced.


CAN TH MiniModules

CSM’s Thermo MiniModules (THMM) allow precise distributed temperature measurements with K-, J- and T-type thermocouples: ideal for measurements in the powertrain, on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) components, in the vehicle interior, the powertrain development and many more.

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CAN PT MiniModule evo

Modules for temperature measurements with increased accuracy requirements in comparison to measurements with thermocouples: PT MiniModules (PTMM evo) allow high-precision temperature measurements with PT100 and PT1000 RTD elements.

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