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CSMuniconf V3.2.2 Copyright (c) 2021 CSM GmbH


Revision history
System requirements
Checked platforms and PC Cards
Contact with CSM


The copyright for all the software and documentation belongs
exclusively to CSM GmbH, Filderstadt (Germany).

It is assertively not permitted, ..
* to duplicate the software for other purposes than to
make backup copies, or to duplicate even parts of the documentation.
* to use the software on more than one computer at a time.
* to modify the software or even parts of the documentation.
* to pass on the software or the documentation to others.
* to change or remove labels or marks from software and documentation.

LIMITED WARRANTIES______________________________________________

The Software and documentation have been carefully specified and tested.

We assertively do not take over any liability for damages of any type,
which may result from the usage of the software or the corresponding

The hardware, software and documentation is provided "as is" without warranty
of any kind. CSM GmbH disclaims all warranties, either express or implied,
including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose
or their function on the PC systems of the customer.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. No part of
the product may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written
permission of CSM GmbH.


With UniCAN 2/3 devices it is possible to record measurement values that are
sent over a CAN bus. This can be used for diagnostic purposes as well as for
long term monitoring of systems or vehicles.

The software program CSMuniconf creates and manages configurations for
UniCAN 2/3 devices. It allows also the configuration of the data CSMdataconf,
which is separately available.

The UniCAN 2/3 system consists of:

1. Hardware (UniCAN 2/3 device with firmware) with CF Card as storage media
2. PC software

Revision history________________________________________________

CSMuniconf V3.2.2 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- During creation of a channel from an XCP signal source, a default DAQ list
is assigned automatically.
- Channel groups can be sorted according to the DAQ list column.
- Bugfix: Changing of the ODT optimisation of a DAQ processor was not always
effective. Fixed.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.2.1.0
- Bugfix: Sometimes the data conversion was incomplete. Fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.81

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.72.19

* Contains UniCAN 3 ETH firmware V1.72.19

CSMuniconf V3.2.1 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- Supports access protection for UniCAN 3 data loggers.
- Supports MDF4 data output files for channel groups and message groups.
- Bugfix: Importing Motorola-type signals from AUTOSAR databases resulted in wrong
bit positions. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Setting of channel parameters via drag'n'drop did not work correctly.
- Bugfix: Reimport of A2L signal database with multiple transport layers could
lead to errors. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Property changes of elements of the project tree crash the program with
out of memory error. Fixed.
- Bugfix: If a WLAN configuration has no valid WPA key, then the saved project
could not be opened again. Fixed.
- Bugfix: While deleting an unused condition an error might pop up and the condition
appeared to be not deleted. Fixed.
- Documentation updated.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.2.0.4
- Export channel group data into MDF4 files.
- Export message group data into MDF4 files.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.81

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.72.19
- Supports password protection.
- Supports AUTOSAR-PDU recording over CAN/FD.
- Bugfix: Changing the configuration via USB could fail without visible reason.

* Contains UniCAN 3 ETH firmware V1.72.19
- First release of data logger with Ethernet measure bus.
- Supports password protection.
- Supports XCP-over-Ethernet.
- Supports AUTOSAR-PDU recording over Ethernet and CAN/FD.

CSMuniconf V3.2.0 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- Supports AUTOSAR signal databases with PDU signals.
- Supports UniCAN 3 data loggers with Ethernet measurement.
- Supports packed and enrcrypted project files.
- CAN-ID overlaps can be treated as warnings instead of errors.
- DAQ send rasters shorter than 1ms yield to error or warning.
- Bugfix: An empty channel group could not be removed. Fixed.
- Bugfix: After deleting a logger node, the project was not marked as modified.
- Bugfix: The property "TIMESTAMP_FIXED" in an XCP A2L file was ignored. Fixed.
- Bugfix: XCP signals with different address extensions were not optimally
distributed into DAQ/ODT.
- Bugfix: Working with very large A2L signal databases could lead to memory
overflow errors while saving the project. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Drag'n'Drop between signal source or channel group windows and text
editors was broken. Fixed.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.1.2
- Supports new log events coming from UniCAN 3 concerning Autosar data and ETH.
- Resumes automatically after any type of file error.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.81

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.50.19

CSMuniconf V2.5.0 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- Supports WLAN with WPA-Enterprise security.
- Searching and filtering in signal and channel lists for comments or remarks.
- Improved error checking for doubly used CAN IDs in signal sources.
- Bugfix: Importing a malformed A2L signal source could crash CSMuniconf. Fixed.
- Bugfix: During Drag'n'Drop operations the visual response to modifier keys
was incorrect. Fixed.
- Bugfix: On some systems the message dialogs (CommonControls) were not displayed.
- Bugfix: Changing a local transport configuration into one with data transfer
could result in data upload errors. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Some GUI texts were missing or not localized. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Formatting the flash card in the card reader could spuriously fail. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Creating the logger directories on the server could show success although
the operation had failed. Fixed.
- Bugfix: CSM native Seed/Key libraries could spuriously be marked invalid.
- Bugfix: Upload configuration to (S)FTP server and creation of directories failed
when doing "Create All CF-Cards". Fixed.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.0.6.0
- Supports new event log entries of UniCAN 3 concerning network errors.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.81
- Bugfix: Under rare circumstances a configuration update (via USB) could
block UniCAN 2's USB communication until disconnection. Fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.50.19
- Supports WLAN with WPA-Enterprise security.
- In case of missing directories on the file server, UniCAN 3 tries to store the
SOM file in a different location.
- Log entry in case of unreachable WLAN network.
- SOM entry with the type of the currently used modem.
- Bugfix: Under rare circumstances a configuration update (via USB or server) could
block UniCAN 3's network and USB communication until next restart. Fixed.

CSMuniconf V2.4.3 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- Bugfix: Unicode characters in the VIN could trigger problems in CSMdataconv.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.0.5.0
- Bugfix: A malformed VIN in the binary data could stop data conversion. Fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.80

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.40.18

CSMuniconf V2.4.2 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- Bugfix: Reading large amounts of card date could last indefinitely long and
some data were not converted. Fixed.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.0.4.0
- Bugfix: Finalizing processing could fail during converting large amounts
of data from card. Fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.80

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.40.18

CSMuniconf V2.4.1 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- Bugfix: Control of CSMdataconv while reading card date broke during
conversion of large amounts of data. Fixed.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.0.3.0
- Bugfix: Communication with CSMuniconf could be delayed. Fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.80

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.40.18

CSMuniconf V2.4.0 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- New feature: Seed/Key libraries in Vector-SKB (seed key binary) supported.
- Automatic check for software updates (can be deactivated).
- Bugfix: Incorrect byte-order displayed in XCP ECU setting (protocol layer). Fixed.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.0.2.0
- Seed/Key libraries in Vector-SKB (seed key binary) supported.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.80
- Seed/Key libraries in Vector-SKB (seed key binary) supported.
- Bugfix: XCP master could hang in case of protocol errors. Fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.40.18
- Seed/Key libraries in Vector-SKB (seed key binary) supported.
- Inside device temperature available as system signal (since Rev. A002).
- Bugfix: If CAN message are present on the CAN during Power-On, then
Wake-On-CAN did not work correctly. Fixed.
- Bugfix: XCP master could hang in case of protocol errors. Fixed.

CSMuniconf V2.3.2 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- New feature CAN FD.
- Channels in channel groups are now sortable. The same sort order will be
used in the exported data files.
- Automatic distribution of data logger into multiple CSMdataconv instances.
- Channel names may be modified automatically with extra information from the
signal source.
- New device variants of UniCAN 2 and UniCAN 3 supported.
- Improvements with starting and stopping of CSMdataconv instances.
- When reading data from flash card, it's no longer possible to select
'delete data'.
- Channel group text export (clipboard/drag'n'drop) contains now full
- Displays a warning when data export runs out of disk space.
- Supports new logger types ART1130602, ART1130802.
- Bugfix: Changing the signal source name (CCP/XCP) in the project tree view
could crash CSMuniconf. Fixed.
- Bugfix: During DBC file export from channel send groups the signal names were
not sufficiently validated. Fixed.
- Bugfix: OBD2 diax files containing parameter TQ_FR were created wrong. Fixed.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V2.0.1.4
- Supports CAN FD message format.
- Bugfixes.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.71

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.30.18
- Supports CAN FD.

CSMuniconf V2.1.12 ------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- New feature Wake-on-CAN.
- WLAN and Ethernet can be configured instead of cellular modem.
- Visual enhancements in the project tree.
- New device variants of UniCAN 2 and UniCAN 3 supported.
- Bugfix: Processing the data from CF card could hang. Fixed.
- Bugfix: While reading/writing the real time clock (RTC) over USB CSMuniconf
could hang. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Disconnecting UniCAN 3 from the USB could crash CSMuniconf on Windows 10.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V1.5.16.1
- Supports log events to Wake-on-CAN.
- Bugfix: Segmentation errors (empty files, measurement start) fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.71
- Improved storage management on the CF card.

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.21.18-2
- Supports Wake-on-CAN.
- Configurable minimum measurement duration.
- Configurable stop measurement trigger
- Supports data upload/update download through WLAN and Ethernet (optional)
- Bugfix: The upload/download over FTP/SFTP could use a wrong directory path.

CSMuniconf V2.0.2 -------------------------------------------------------------
* CSMuniconf
- Bugfix: Under certain conditions ECU-channels (CCP/XCP) with index could
vanish from a channelgroup. Fixed.
- Bugfix: With ExtendedCANdb being installed, a Float signal from a DBC file
was interpreted as Integer signal. Fixed.
- Added UniCAN 3 models with LTE
- Supports 4000 channels for UniCAN 3.
- Bugfix: When the program window did not have the focus and UniCAN was
disconnected from USB, then the icon in the project was not updated. Fixed.
- If only one CSMuniconf instance is running, then a newly connected (via USB)
UniCAN will be recognized also when the program window does not have the
focus (optional).
- By default CSMuniconf uses only USB and not serial line.
- Bugfix: If both CAN signals and OBD2 signals are used for channels in the
same channel group, then opening the channels groups displays DataGridView
exceptions. Fixed.
- Bugfix: While reloading a signal source, the dialog for selecting the type
of the signal database was not always displayed when necessary. Fixed.
- Bugfix: If the dialog for selecting the type of the signal database while
reloading the signal source was cancelled, the reloading continued. Fixed.
- Bugfix: When the data logger was in overload condition, then the access via
USB could fail. Fixed.
- Device names of the system signals were changed to 'UniCAN'.

* Contains embedded CSMdataconv V1.5.15.2
- Supports data loggers with more than 8 CAN connections.

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.63
- Modified timeout for SFTP connections.

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.11.12-9
- Supports up to 4000 channels.
- automatic time-adjustment via NTP time server.
- Reading the data from the CF card via USB.
- Configuration via USB.
- Extended numerical status display.
- Supports LTE modems.
- Bugfix: When the data logger was in overload condition, then update
of the measurement configuration could fail. Fixed.
- Bugfix: When the data logger was in overload condition, then the
communication via USB could fail. Fixed.

UniCAN Configuration Tool V1.23.5 ---------------------------------------------
* UniConf
- Bugfix: Filename GUID in REPOSITORY was wrong for UniCAN 3. Fixed.
- Bugfix: The data logger identification by direct connection showed an
incorrect build number. Fixed.
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.14.1 (unchanged)

* Contains UniCAN 2 firmware V4.62
- Bugfix: In very rare configuration and data rate constellations most of the
data of the current run would get lost, if the run was hard un-powered instead
of shut down with ignition signal. Fixed.
- Bugfix: A continuous data upload was forcefully closed after 2 hours, even if
it was configured for a longer duration. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Updating the real-time-clock (RTC) through network time protocol could
lead to a wrong change to the year 2036. Fixed.

* Contains UniCAN 3 firmware V1.10.7
- First public release of UniCAN 3’s firmware.

UniCAN Configuration Tool V1.23.3 ---------------------------------------------
* UniConf
- Support for UniCAN 3 ART12704xx
- Extended system signal database for 12 CAN interfaces.
- No trigger required for recording groups and send groups, if "always active"
behavior is requested.
- Bugfix: ART1250601 was not recognized correctly over USB. Fixed.
- Bugfix: After deleting some triggers and conditions there could be a
"DataGridView Exception" message box. Fixed.
- Supports a UniCAN 3 device connected via USB for configuration and data

* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.14.1
- Adapted to UniCAN 3
- CAN remote frames are properly displayed in Vector ASC files.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.22.124 -----------------------------------------
* UniConf 1.22.9626.283
- Added support for "EVENT_CAN_ID_LIST" blocks (XCP) in A2L database files.
- New system signals with the current system time and device uptime since restart.
- ART1130911 supported.
- Bugfix: Duplicating a value condition did not copy all parts. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Duplicating a value condition could corrupt the configuration file. Fixed.

* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.13
- Major internal rework of the DNV to improve stability.

* Contains device firmware V4.60
- New system signals with the current system time and device uptime since restart.
- ART1130911 supported.
- Bugfix: Initial OBD2 probing tried to read a non-existent PID. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Missing start counter entry in log stream could delay data processing.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.21.123 -----------------------------------------
* UniConf 1.21.8927.278
- Bugfix: Recognition of ART121xxxx via USB failed. Fixed.
- Bugfix: CSV output files with TAB column separator were invalid. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.21.122 -----------------------------------------
* UniConf 1.21.8912.277
- Data acquisition via OBD2 (CAN interface) for recording Service 1 and 9
channel data including vehicle and ECU identification query.
- Semi-automatic creation of vehicle-specific OBD2 signal source definition
- A physical connection to a computer is no longer required for a UniCAN 2
license upgrade as the license data can now be transferred via wireless
- Simplified data storage for wireless transmission mode: Lower case letters
are now allowed in directory structures for the storage of logger data.
- Extended data segmentation intervals for data conversion: It is now possible
to define data segmentation intervals between < 1 hour and > 2 minutes.
- A combined operation of 29-bit and J1939 messages can now be activated on a
common CAN bus.
- It is now possible to define a maximum number of trigger events (e.g. if a
trigger is released very often).
- If a trigger causes too many log file entries, it can now be excluded from
being written to the log file.
- Simplified data handling: Raw data read out from a memory card can now be
saved and transferred as ZIP archive.
- Improved plausibility check for XCP configurations between UniConf and data
- Support of article ART1250602.
- Improved stability when opening a configuration with J1939 channels.
- Support of special characters for FTP/SFTP access data (user name and
- A2L files (XCP) without general module definitions are now handled as fully
operational configuration files.
- Bugfix: It is now possible to change the trigger type during configuration.
- Bugfix: A DBC file containing CAN messages which in turn consist of
multiplexed and non-multiplexed signals will now be correctly applied.
- Bugfix: Fault-free data conversion with Chinese characters used in the
output paths of the DNV (data post-processing).
- Bugfix: SFTP server information is completely stored now.
- Bugfix: The generated DBC file is now correct when sending CCP/XCP channels
if the MOTOROLA byte order is used.

* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.11
- Support of OBD2 diagnostics data.
- Simplified data storage for wireless transmission mode: Lower case letters
are now allowed in directory structures for the storage of logger data.
- Bugfix: A missing or corrupt root directory does no longer lead to a crash
in SFTP mode.

* Contains device firmware V4.52
- OBD2 diagnostics data query.
- A license upgrade can now be performed via wireless connection, which means
a physical connection between UniCAN 2 and computer is no longer required.
- A combined operation of 29-bit and J1939 messages can now be activated on a
common CAN bus, if required.
- Seed/Key support for XCP.
- Bugfix: Measurement configurations with low recording rates could cause the
data logger to stop the data recording.
- Bugfix: Send channels retain their initial value until valid measurement
data is received.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.19.113 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.19.8001.254
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.9
* Contains device firmware V4.34
- Direct support of SFTP transfers through UniConf and DNV.
- Completely revised and extended user documentation.
- New product ART1250601 added.
- More detailed error message when the USB communication to the data logger fails.
- The mobile network settings (APN, credentials) can be changed remotely if
required for a changed data plan.
- Bugfix: The property "Data logging: active" for automatic wake-up once activated
could not be deactivated. Fixed.
- Bugfix: During data base reimport the signals being part of conditions were not
correctly processed. Fixed.
- Bugfix: It was not always possible, to transfer a valid configuration via USB to
the data logger. Fixed.
- Bugfix: An A2L file with many illegal characters could crash UniConf. Fixed.
- Bugfix: The configuration of the data export of CCP BlockRead ignored the
timezone settings. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.18.112 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.18.7605.249
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.7
* Contains device firmware V4.30
- New added channels are selected automatically for easy changing of further
- New product ART1131901 added.
- Improved error checking of inactive CAN interfaces.
- Adaption to version 1.02 of CSM Extended CANdb software.
- Bugfix: It was not possible to change the sampling rate if multiple channels
were selected. Fixed.
- Bugfix: The configured BIT_OFFSET value of an XCP-DAQ Element definition
was not correct. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Static DAQ lists in XCP could be configured with the wrong list
number. Fixed.
- Limitation: An XCP database (A2L file) containing predefined DAQ lists is
currently not usable.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.17.111 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.17.7010.244
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.6
* Contains device firmware V4.27

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.17.110 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.17.7010.244
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.6
* Contains device firmware V4.26
- Capturing of J1939 signals with any source- or destination-address without
changing the signal source for laboratory tests.
- Improved upload of new configurations or firmware updates to multiple
dataloggers via FTP.
- Alternative syntax for COMMUNICATION_MODE possible when importing A2L files.
- Update RTC from CAN messages with special format
- Remove data logger types (articles) from the selection lists.
- After the reimport of a signal source, the name of the signal source is
changed to the new data file's name.
- Easy duplication of conditions to create variants of a configuration.
- New products ART1330101 and ART1351501 added.
- Data loggers without USB can be managed completely over COM interface.
- Bugfix: During the reimport of a signal source there was no dialog about
CCP/XCP or DBC/J1939. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Transport Configuration displayed a "Modem Port". Removed.
- Bugfix: Remote data transfer after power on only happened, when also
periodical data transfer was enabled. Fixed.
- Bugfix: After changes in the trigger off-conditions the dialog always
switched unnecessarily to the on-conditions. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.16.106 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.16.6725.230
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.5
* Contains device firmware V4.22
- The default measurement configuration is highlighted in the project explorer.
- Changeable CAN-type (High-Speed/Low-Speed) in the measurement configuration.
- Bugfix: With some A2L files the reimport was not possible.
- Bugfix: During the import of an A2L file with CCP and XCP information it was
no longer possible to select the protocol. Fixed.
- Bugfix: The configured BIT_OFFSET value of an XCP-DAQ Element definition
did not follow the standard. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.16.104 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.16.6608.228
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.5
* Contains device firmware V4.22
- Bugfix: The temporary directory for UniConf was not always created, resulting
in various error dialogs like "FTP upload failed", "USB transfer failed". Fixed.
- Bugfix: Failed to export the DBC file for a channel send group, if CCP channels
were present. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Posiible reordering of measurement parts when reading data with active
start count. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.16.103 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.16.6517.225
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.4
* Contains device firmware V4.22
- Display of the signal source's protocol (free running, CCP, J1939, ...).
- Display of the total data rate of a measurement configuration.
- Default file extension for CSV files is now ".CSV".
- The optional CAN ID preset value for DAQ lists (XCP) are now used.
- Function lists in A2L files (XCP) caused missing signals. Fixed.
- The event channel's (XCP) time base may be given as number or as symbol.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.16.102 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.16.6411.222
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.4
* Contains device firmware V4.22
- Update of the real time clock (RTC) through internet or CAN messages.
- Automatic wakeup of the device (revision C only).
- The datalogger maintains an ever increasing counter of device starts.
Improves data interpretation if RTC battery fails.
- Use of J1939 parameters in channel groups, also for parameters from long
parameter groups (transport protocol).
- Optimized processing of A2L signal arrays.
- Import A2L/DBC as file drop from Windows Explorer
- Export measurement/transport/DNV configurations through drag and drop into
Windows Explorer or text editor.
- Import of measurement/transport/DNV configuration from Windows Explorer
through drag and drop.
- More detailed description of the signal/channel origin in channel goups and
range conditions/value change conditions.
- ART1211201 added.
- Bugfix: After creation of a J1939 PG range filter without further modification,
the transport protocol was not activated. Fixed.
- Bugfix: When selecting ART1211101 always ART1210401 was used. Fixed.
- Bugfix: When data where uploaded from memory card, the DNV segmentation
was delayed. Fixed.
- Improved handling of special characters in FTP username and password.
- Bugfix: Last recently used directories were often not remembered. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Settings for the temporary path were sometimes ignored. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Import of a transport configuration for ART126xxxx was faulty. Fixed.
- Bugfix: UniConf could crash when importing A2L files. Fixed.
- Removed unused context menu entries of the data logger tree node.
- During creation of all CF memory cards, the measurement configuration is no
longer copied into the DIRECT folder of the data logger, because it sometimes
led to unexpected behavior. Only REPOSITORY is updated.
- Bugfix: Wrong offset in timestamps of MDF data export. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.15.97 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.15.6109.188
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.1.2
* Contains device firmware V4.11
- Bugfix: The remote data transfer with SFTP protocol failed. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.15.96 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.15.5918.187
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.1.2
* Contains device firmware V4.10
- Measurement data can be read from the CF card while it's placed in the
UniCAN 2 Professional when connected to the PC through USB.
- A new configuration can be transferred to the UniCAN 2 Professional directly
through the USB connection.
- Added output format PEAK (Message Groups) to data postprocessing
- Configuration of a secondary processing of the data which are exported of
the DNV (data postprocessing). This secondary processing is done by an external
program provided by the user.
- In CAN signals from J1939 CAN interfaces with extended CAN ID, the priority
is masked to zero. This eliminates the manual changes in the DBC file.
- It's now possible to read data from the CF card and transfer them directly to
an FTP server. This completes the project type fleet without mobile data
- Digital outputs can be deactivated to improve measurement configuration
compatibility with data loggers with less outputs.
- The licenses of a data logger are read and stored. The measurement configuration
is checked, if the present licenses are sufficient.
- It's possible to use the same default output location for some/all data export
formats in the postprocessing configuration. Different output locations are
still possible.
- UniConf displays a warning, when the real-time-clock battery of the connected
UniCAN 2 is low.
- Conversion of measure data via "read card" is improved in case the real-time-clock
has wrong time.
- The timestamp macros of the data postprocessing were updated.
- More postprocessing macros are included in the quick entry menu.
- Export and import of individual transport configurations and postprocessing
- ART1261401, ART1211101 added.
- The configuration UUID becomes default comment in exported files.
- Readout of the modem serial number (IMEI) and other properties.
- Possibility to activate modem in CDMA network (if supported by modem).
- Bugfix: Opening a details window (e.g. a signal source), closing it and opening it
again led to a critical error. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Error in "Format Card" dialog. Fixed.
- Bugfix: The checkmark for segmentation Measurement was not initially set. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Certificate upload for new ART126xxxx devices failed. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Error importing an A2L file without global XCP DAQ definition. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Error importing an A2L file with COMPU_VTAB_RANGE. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.14.90 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.14.5326.166
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.5.0
* Contains device firmware V3.71
- User defined event channels and DAQ lists (CCP and XCP).
- Error checking, if the DNV's data export covers all recorded data.
- Reading complete memory blocks from CCP ECUs (block read).
- Extended configuration options for CCP ECUs.
- "Create All CF-Cards": Server update also for project type "Fleet/CF-Card".
- New dialog for reading data from CF-Card with unrestricted settings.
- New options for the postprocessing settings.
- New folder select dialog (except Windows XP).
- Fixed a window layout error in CCP/XCP ECU details window.
- Monitor USB, if new devices are connected.
- Export of binary data from CCP block read as S-Record files (S37).
- Extended configuration settings for Vector-ASC data export.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.13.83 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.13.5124.154
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.6 (unchanged)
* Contains device firmware V3.66 (unchanged)
- Bugfix: Reading an A2L file with COMPU_VTAB_RANGE failed. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Partially invisible GUI elements on screens with 120dpi resolution.
- Selected screen fonts and sizes are now used in UniConf.
- Bugfix: Repeated warning that a file with old file format is overwritten.
Wrong information box removed.
- Bugfix: After deleting a trigger, the condition window was not correctly
updated. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.13.82 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.13.5028.152 (unchanged)
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.6 (unchanged)
* Contains device firmware V3.66
- Added example database for XCP

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.13.81 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.13.5028.152
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.6
* Contains device firmware V3.65
- Support the XCP-on-CAN communication protocol

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.12.79 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.12.4831.138
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.5
* Contains device firmware V3.54
- Send groups with CAN stimulation.
- Send groups with CAN channel send
- Error checking during creation of a new project (logger type, project type).
- Correction of error checking at ART1260601.
- Changes in the data grids are committed before project is saved.
- German manual updated.
- Bugfix: The Metainfo file was created without contents. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Signal source windows was not updated after database reimport. Fixed.
- Bugfix: After loading a project sometimes a new UID is assigned. Fixed.
- Elimination of unnecessary program settings.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.11.70 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.11.4519.130
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.5
* Contains device firmware V3.39
- New system signal Free_Card_Size showing the free card size in MByte.
- Restoring window position with visibility check.
- New device type ART1210901.
- Reduced the necessary permissions to access (read) the firmware file for
FTP upload.
- No unneccessary warning dialogs if there is no CF card in the drive slot.
- Bugfix: Processing of bit variables in a CCP configuration was wrong. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.11.67 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.11.4402.127
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.2
* Contains device firmware V3.39
- Bugfix: Start Delay of measurement was not saved. Fixed.
- Triggers are displayed in an extra window (like conditions)
- Multiple groups can share the same trigger, saves resources
- The connection of CCP ECUs can be controlled with a trigger (CCP disconnect)
- Bugfix: Transport configuration was incompatible to older firmware versions
(before V3.25). Fixed.
- Check, if firmware version is sufficient for measurement configuration
- Enhanced recognizability of document windows with colored frames (can be disabled)
- Display of the required minimum firmware version, check
- Import/Export of single measurment configurations in the project
- Bugfix: Error reading A2L files with blank characters or shift operations
in conversion formulae (program hangs). Fixed.
- Direct import of system signal database
- Display factor/offset in the signals/channels' status line
- Drop a project (*.ucfx) on the program to open it
- Bugfix: Premature ready message when converting the data from the CF memory
card. Fixed.
- Bugfix: Multiple data conversion process could be started when reading
data from the CF memory card. Fixed.
- Several text localisations corrected.
- Readout the build number of the firmware of the connected data logger (since
firmware V3.50).
- Bugfix: If no serial interface is present then there was an error during setting
the RTC or uploading license files.
- Upload of of the configuration metadata can be activated through settings. This
eliminates unnecessary delay during upload.
- Names of triggers and conditions can be changed directly in the detail window
by double clicking on it.
- Default setting for postprocessing configuration: DNV enabled.
- FTP pathname with trailing slash and added input of session count and timeout.
- Enhanced compatibility check between data logger and configuration, e.g.
interfaces or number of channel groups.
- CAN IDs used in multiple signal databases for the same CAN interface are
detected and displayed as warning.
- Path for temporary files can be changed in the settings.
- When a CF-Card for firmware update is created, it first will be formatted.
- An error is displayed if a logger is assigned to non-matching configuration.
- After reading the data from the CF-Card, the dialog is displayed top-most,
i.e. visible in front of Explorer.
- A signal source exports (via clipboard and drag-and-drop) a list of the
selected signals.
- A channel group exports (via clipboard and drag-and-drop) a list of the
selected channels and their settings.
- A signal source receives a list of signals to select via drag-and-drop.
- A channel group receives a list of channel settings via drag-and-drop.
- Existing detail windows are brought to front with a single click on the
tree icon. First opening still requires double-click.
- Bugfix: Reimporting/updating signal sources from new versions of DBC or
A2L files could lead to corrupted configurations. Fixed.
- Max-Duration of modem transmission is now at least 10 minutes.
- Bugfix: A change of username/password of an FTP setting of the DNV was
not always saved. Fixed.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.10.58 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.10.3913.117 (unchanged)
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.1
* Contains device firmware V3.34

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.10.57 -----------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.10.3913.117
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.4.0
* Contains device firmware V3.34
- Processing of META-data
- Alternative FTP server access through file://
- Maximum transmission period extended to 8h
- Improved compatibility to A2L files
- Trigger block segmentation for DNV
- Bugfix: Upload-Path required only if different from transport configuration
- Bugfix: Process all data when reading from CF card

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.9.54 ------------------------------------------
No public release.

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.8.52 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.8.3521.111
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.2.5
* Contains device firmware V3.25
- Data transmission from UniCAN 2 Professional with SSH2/SFTP
- File segmentation "Trigger Block" when data are read from CF Card
- Systemsignal "Ignition"
- Modified directory structure during installation

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.7.51 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.7.3413.107
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.2.5
* Contains device firmware V3.21
- Supports UniCAN 2 Professional /IAV ART1260601
- Transfer of SSL certificates to ART126xxxx

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.6.50 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.6.3318.103
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.2.5
* Contains device firmware V3.21
- Enhanced fault tolerance for A2L files
- Off-Delay of conditions with "Auto-Clear" is forced to be >0 ms
- Automatic creation of output directories when reading data from the CF-Card
- The device firmware automatically supports the XCRC command of certain
FTP servers to detect transmission errors over mobile phone
- Bugfix: Selection of Chinese language caused an error. Fixed
- Bugfix: An error in the installation program degraded the possibility to
open a configuration with double-click. Fixed

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.5.48 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.5.3227.101
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.2.4
* Contains device firmware V3.17
- Database reimport, optionally with new filename
- New condition type "value changed"
- Simplified move of a datalogger from one to another FTP server
- Automatic creation of FTP directories during configuration upload
- Signals/channels may be dropped on the channel group node in the Project Explorer
- Status bar shows additional information to signals and channels
- Many new keyboard shortcuts for frequent tasks
- A new transport configuration is named according to the type
- The Project Explorer shows additional information to signal/channel groups
- File name patterns may be changed for "Read Card"
- Column separator for CSV files can be changed
- Bugfix: Remote update of a transport configuration did not work. Fixed

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.4.46 ------------------------------------------
---- Testversion -----
- UniConf 1.4.3018.81
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.2.2
* Contains device firmware V3.14
- Option in Expert Mode to omit automatic device identification in CCP
- Most CCP settings are modifiable in Expert Mode
- Rasters and DAQ list settings modifiable (CCP)
- Channels are now associated to DAQ lists instead to rasters (CCP)
- Consistency (DAQ/ODT) is regarded (CCP)
- Bugfix: ART1210401 was not usable. Fixed
- Bugfix: Reading A2L file could crash program. Fixed

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.3.43 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.3.2822.76
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.2.2
* Contains device firmware V3.11
- Message filter for J1939 parameter groups for passive recording
- Trigger condition on "Diagnostic Trouble Codes" in J1939
- Extraction of raw data from the CF card into a directory
- Fullscreen display
- Archiving of configuration files if FTP server is not accessible
- Support for "CSM Extended CANdb" AddOn
- Optional suppressing the check of the bitrate at CCP or J1939
- Corrections with the import of A2L databases

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.2.38 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.2.2717.70
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.1.1
* Contains device firmware V3.10
- Added English user manual
- System data base reworked
- Start with double-click fixed
- Localisation issues fixed
- Arrays in A2L files are processed correctly
- Examples fixed
- Incorrect rounding of min/max values from DBC fixed
- On-/Off-delays of conditions are now limited to one hour
- Writing a configuration to large CF cards faster
- Data export from the CF card accelerated
- Display of data size on CF card corrected
- Enhanced compatibility of UniConf to more FTP servers
- Formatting of CF cards under Windows Vista/7 with card reader
- Trigger off-delay usable (since Firmware 3.10)
- Free selection of the time zone for data read from the CF card
- Simplified selection of the time zone in the DNV configuration
- FTP Upload (firmware, configuration) can be cancelled now

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.1.34 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.1.2523.64
-- Test Version --
* Extended support for CAN databases DBC
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.0.6
* Contains device firmware V3.07

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.1.33 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.1.2521.63
* Bugfixing.
* Contains Data postprocessing V1.0.6
* Contains device firmware V3.07

UniCAN 2 Configuration Tool V1.0.30 ------------------------------------------
- UniConf 1.0.2430.57
* First public release.

System requirements_____________________________________________

The following minimal system configuration is recommended:

- Microsoft Windows 32 Bit or 64 Bit operating system for intel architecture
(Windows 7/8.1/10, Windows Server 2008/2012)
- minimum video resolution 800x600
- CD-ROM drive(only for installation)
- a harddisk with at least 100MB free space for the sofware product and
additional free space for the user data while working with the product.


Preparing the installation:
- Close all other applications before starting the setup
- If you use a virus scanner, it may be helpful to deactivate it
during the installation to avoid file access conflicts.
- If an older version of the software is already installed, it is recommended
to deinstall it.
- If there is no internet access during setup, it is possible to install
the .Net framework from the "Microsoft" directory of the CD.

Start of installation:

CD installation
1. Insert the application CD the CD drive.
2. Goto the folder of the CD.
3. Start the program SETUP.EXE
4. Follow the instructions of the setup program.


During the installation a deinstall program is createtd. With this
deinstall program the application can be removed from the computer.

Start of deinstallation:

1. Open the software manager in the Windows system configuration.
2. In the list of installed application select the entry of this
3. Start the deinstallation with a double click on the entry.

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If you have a problem which cannot be solved with the distributed information,
please send with e-mail or FAX a detailed description of your problem and your
current system configuration to CSM GmbH.

For this purpose you can also use our Internet SUPPORT FORM, which can be
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