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Measurement of high voltage, current and power – HV Breakout-Modules

In the area of fast high-voltage measurement technology, CSM has developed HV Breakout Modules (HV BM). The 1- or 3-phase modules can safely, precisely and synchronously measure high voltages and currents in high-voltage environments with a data rate of up to 1 MHz. They also offer an online high-speed power calculation.

The high-voltage cables are routed into the housing through PG cable glands or special adapters with HV plugs and connected there. Voltages up to ±1,000 V are measured directly. Current measurement up to ±800 A is carried out via shunt modules. These shunt modules contain a differential amplifier as well as a temperature sensor and memory to store calibration data for automatic online temperature compensation. HV BM output the measured data with a maximum data rate of up to 1 MHz via EtherCAT® interface and simultaneously with a data rate of up to 10 kHz via the additional CAN interface. This allows a high speed data acquisition via Ethernet and at the same time data recording via CAN data logger.
HV Breakout-Module 1.1 / 1.2
HV Breakout-Modules 1.1 / 1.2



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