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HV Breakout Module 1.2 +S

All in one module - current, voltage, shield current, power

The new High Voltage Breakout Module (HV BM) 1.2 +S allows the measurement of the most important values in HV power cables in a single module.

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Shield current
  • Power (calculated online in the module with 1 MHz data rate)

The HV BM 1.2 +S is inserted directly into the separate HV+ and HV- cables. The direct measurement of the values in the module minimizes possible interferences and increases the accuracy.

As with all CSM HV breakout modules, data is output via EtherCAT® (data rate up to 1 MHz) and simultaneously via CAN (data rate up to 10 kHz). Thus, the measured data can be analyzed online with suitable software and simultaneously recorded via a CAN data logger.

Click here to learn more about the new HV BM 1.2 +S.

Hochvolt Breakout Module 1.2 +S