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UniCAN 2 Professional Tools V1.31

The new version of UniCAN 2 Professional Tools is now available.

You can download the configuration software for the data loggers UniCAN 2 Professional and UniCAN 2 in our download section.

*.a2l in accordance with XCP standard

Import of an XCP-specific A2L variant is now supported. XCP-specific A2L definitions extend the CAN protocol and provide options to define a fixed CAN ID for every event list. CAN IDs can now be easily assigned in the “Properties” window of a measurement configuration. This allows the configuration of a DAQ list with a CAN ID according to the applied event.


CAN-ID Konfiguration

New time channels

New internal time channels available: 

  • Time in milliseconds from the time the device has been switched on
  • Unix Timestamp in seconds (32-Bit UTC)
  • Unix Timestamp in microseconds (64-Bit UTC)

These channels provide the opportunity to trigger events on a time value. If multiple loggers are operated in parallel, a time channel can be used for automatic system time synchronization.




Further improvements

  • Integration of the new logger with protection class IP67
  • All properties are now adopted when duplicating value conditions
  • Further improved stability and performance, especially during high-load data post-processing


Further information can be found in the release notes.

If you have further wishes, suggestions or requests please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or our Support-Team