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Voltage and Current Measurement in HV Busbars

New application example

In busbars, currents and voltages have to be measured for tests, validations and verifications. With special HV BM Split Modules, such measurements are possible even in very confined installation spaces.

Busbars are used in many components in the electric powertrain to save valuable space. Among other things, they are used in HV batteries, inverters and integrated electric axles.

In all these components, current, voltage and power must also be measured in the busbars in order, for example, to design the battery management system in HV batteries or to analyze power in the e-axles. The installation space for the necessary measurement technology is of course very limited within the components.

With the HV BM Split Modules measurements can also be performed in the busbars. By installing the shunt modules directly in the busbars, valuable space is saved and, thanks to the special sensor electronics, precise measurement results are also possible without being influenced by external fields of interference.

The complete application example and the report for download can be found here.