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Investigation of the Thermal Runaway in Vehicle Batteries

New Application Example

Read in our new application example how temperature measurements can be easily performed to validate safety measures in HV batteries.

Temperatures in HV batteries not only have an important influence on the range and performance of electric vehicles, but also offer great potential for danger. If the thermal management system is insufficiently designed, too high temperatures in the battery cells can cause a thermal runaway. These high temperatures trigger chemical processes in the battery cell, which cause an irreversible chain reaction and inflame the HV battery.

For this reason, extensive safety measures are taken, which must also be checked metrologically. This requires extensive temperature measurements at many points in the battery. The HV DTemp Measurement System is suitable for such measurements due to its numerous advantages. You can get a more detailed insight in our new application example.

The complete application example and report for download can be found here.

Investigation of the Thermal Runaway
With the HV DTemp measurement system the necessary measurements for the investigation of the thermal runaway can be easily performed.