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Real-time Efficiency Measurement on Inverter and Electric Motor

New application example

Read in our new application example how the efficiency of inverter and electric motor is analysed in real time with the E-Mobility Measurement System.

Inverters play an important role in the electric powertrain: they provide the electric motor with the necessary energy from the battery. To increase the range of electric vehicles, the inverter must be optimally designed. Otherwise, energy is lost during switching processes and through waste heat. The efficiency of the inverter is the appropriate parameter for evaluate changes to the system.

Learn in our new application example how the necessary measurements and real-time analyzes can be easily performed with the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System. In addition, this measurement setup can easily be extended by further measured variables, e.g. to include the efficiency of the electric motor directly in the analysis.

You can find the complete application example and report for download here.

Measurement setup for efficiency analysis on ivnerter and electric motor
The harmonised components from the E-Mobility Measurement System ensure a compact measurement setup and simple configuration with precise analyses.