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High-voltage safe acceleration measurement in the HV battery

New application example

Read in our new application example how accelerations during a HV battery drop test are measured safely and synchronously.

Electric vehicles and their components are subjected to special tests for the safety of passengers and systems. This includes a drop test for the high-voltage battery packs. Such a drop test is prescribed in many international and national standards in order to be able to approve the vehicles in the respective markets.

Learn in our new application example how the accelerations during a drop test can be measured safely and synchronously inside and outside the battery pack. The CSM measurement system offers special advantages for synchronicity and analysis of the measurement data by simply combining measurements in the high-voltage and low-voltage range.

The complete application example and the report for download you will find here.

Measurement setup for acceleration measurement during a drop test
Measurement setup for the drop test of a high-voltage battery: Measurements inside and outside the high-voltage environment are easily combined.