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Fleet management and live data via MQTT

MQTT (Message Queing Telemetry Transport) can be used to display real-time information on the operating status of the logger and selected measurement channels remotely. The live data is transmitted via modem or WLAN.

This facilitates the management of vehicle fleets, as errors or deviations can be detected quickly. Status information of the devices (e.g. card fill level and position data) and selected measurement channels are displayed. The individual configuration allows the information relevant to the application to be selected.

Data security is ensured by user authentication and data encryption using the TLS protocol.


Note: The MQTT broker and the setup of the dashboard are not part of CSM's scope of services. The setup must be carried out by the user or a service provider.

Remote data transmission

Measurement data can be transmitted to a server via modem or WLAN simultaneously with data acquisition. An encrypted transmission path ensures the protection of sensitive measurement data.

To ensure maximum data security, the data is also transmitted in a proprietary binary data format.

The data transmission mode can be used to determine when the logger should transmit data. Data can be transmitted at the start or end of the measurement run or periodically.

Remote configuration

The configuration of the UniCAN 3 data logger can be changed via modem or WLAN, making it easy to make adjustments without having to access the device on site.

Easy verification of configuration and data recording (via USB)

Important status information and measurement data can be displayed live via "Live Monitoring" to check configuration and data recording. This makes commissioning much easier.

The following information is displayed:

  • Status of the logger (e. g. measurement status, error status, firmware, temperature, position data)
  • status of the measurement (e. g. measurement duration, data quantity)
  • status of the triggers and conditions
  • system signals
  • status of the channel groups and message groups as well as current measured values of the configured channels