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Use Cases
Use Cases

Inverter development for electric racing car

The development of electric race cars requires extensive current, voltage and power measurements on the individual components in the electric powertrain in order to be able to design the power electronics. In addition, the overall system must also be analyzed in order to optimize efficiency and comply with regulations. This example shows how the necessary measured variables are aquired on the powertrain test bench and how power analyzations are executed in real time.

Inverter Development for Electric Racing Car
Icon Background


The team of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) in Stuttgart takes part in the international Formula Student design competition every year. For participation, the teams develop their own racing car.

The DHBW "eSleek" electric racing car houses an HV battery in the rear, which has 144 pouch cells and delivers a system voltage of 600 V and 7 kWh. Four inverters are integrated in their own housing on a cooling plate and are installed on the HV battery.

Measurement Task

Acquisition of current, voltage and power calculation in real time for the development of the test bench and the inverter.

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The eSleek electric race car has to be verified on a new powertrain test bench. For this, the necessary hardware and software for the test bench must be set up and optimized for the expected test requirements. Accurate current and voltage measurements are needed to configure the test bench.

In order to be able to complete all developments in the shortest possible time, it is essential that as much data as possible can be obtained for the further development of individual components as well as the entire powertrain using a lean measurement setup. In addition, the data should be able to be processed in real time to obtain immediate results from new settings on the inverter.

Icon Solution

The CSM Measurement Solution

The test bench is equipped with components of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System for the acquisition of all necessary measured values and the performance analyses in real time.

Measurement setup for the inverter development

  • A High-voltage Breakout Module (HV BM) 1.1 measures current and voltage directly in the HV lines between the HV battery and the inverter. The AC phases after the inverter are measured with three HV BM 1.2. The modules pass on the data synchronously at a rate of 1 MHz.
  • Torque and speed are measured with a CNT4 evo measurement module and an AD4 MC10 on a Lorenz measuring shaft.
  • All measurement modules are connected to an XCP-Gateway via EtherCAT® and CAN. The gateway synchronizes the ECAT (EtherCAT®) data of the HV Breakout Modules better than 1 µs and additionally bundles the CAN data.
  • All measurement data is converted to XCP-on-Ethernet and passed live to a Vector Smart Logger VP6450.

This measurement setup can be used to test various theories of control concepts for inverter control, since precise parameter identification is possible. The acquisition of different efficiency maps enables the optimal designs of inverters and motors. The precise current, voltage and power measurements on the electric motors also allow optimum settings to be made here.

Race car eSleek
The eSleet in the race
Powertrain test bench
Powertrain test bench: Race car E-motor, Lorenz measuring shaft and load machine (from left to right)
HV Breakout-Module
Interconnected HV Breakout Modules on the test bench
The inverter development for an electric racing car in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System
Icon Benefits


With the lean and modular measurement setup, which can be expanded at any time, all necessary current, voltage and power values can be obtained for the development of a number of components as well as for the optimization of the entire electric race car. The simple and synchronous acquisition of many measured values accelerates the development of the components.

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