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Use Cases
Use Cases

Current and voltage measurements in the HV environment: testing both performance and safety

During the development and validation of electric vehicles, a series of tests must be carried out in the high-voltage environment. HV-safe measurements of currents and voltages must not only be made from the perspective of a power calculation, but also to rule out hazards from potentials applied to the vehicle. Measurement modules that can carry out several voltage and current measurements simultaneously and process data directly are therefore ideal for the efficient execution of many measurements.

Potential measurement on HV battery
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Mandatory testing

Due to the high voltages with which electric vehicles are operated, tests that serve the safety of persons are not only essential, but also obligatory. One of these tests must ensure that the HV potentials are symmetrical to and separate from the vehicle ground. This safety check is also specified in the car manufacturers' factory standards. This is intended to rule out or minimize any threat to life and limb in the event of a fault.

Measurement Task

Acquisition of current and voltage as well as additional voltages for verifying the voltage potentials.

Icon Challenge

Many measurements required at the same time

Many measurements are required for the safety and performance calculations, but costs and time must be saved at the same time, it is necessary to keep the instrumentation costs as low as possible by using multi-channel measurement modules. In addition, the measurement technology used must be HV-safe and enable fast, synchronous recording of the values.

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Only equip once

With the HV Breakout Module (HV BM) 1.2+U, up to four measurements can be carried out with just one measurement module. For single-phase measurements on HV live cables, the cables are simply fed through cable glands into the interior of the HV BM 1.2+U module and connected there using ring terminals. The inner conductor current and voltage can be measured simultaneously, for example to characterize a DC consumer and investigate its interaction with the vehicle electrical system. The module also measures two other voltages simultaneously: that of the HV+ inner conductor and that of the HV- inner conductor to the housing.

Measurement setup

With the housing connected to the vehicle ground, possible potential differences can be determined. Safety-relevant investigations regarding the relative position of the potentials to the vehicle ground can be verified by these measurements.

The HV BM 1.2+U outputs the measurement data with a maximum data rate of up to 1 MHz via Ethernet and simultaneously with a data rate of up to 10 kHz via the additional CAN interface. With the Calc. option, active, apparent power and reactive power, power factor and the effective values for current and voltage can also be calculated directly in the module. This enables initial analyses without the use of additional hardware and software.

HV Breakout Modul Type 1.2+U
HV Breakout Modul Type 1.2+U
HV Breakout-Modul Typ 1.2+U Side
HV Breakout Modul Type 1.2+U side view
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A complete solution in one module

Performing development and safety-relevant measurements in electric vehicles with just one measurement module minimizes the effort required for instrumentation. With the HV BM 1.2+U, asymmetrical potentials outside the HV battery can also be detected in addition to recording current and voltages for power calculation. This makes the measurement setup more efficient, while measurements can be carried out in a HV-safe and synchronized manner.

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