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Use Cases
Use Cases

Current and Voltage Measurement in High-Voltage Busbars

To save valuable space, components in the electric power train are becoming more compact and integrated. At the same time, this limits the space for installing measurement technology needed for current and voltage measurements in the busbars of integrated e-axles, inverters or HV batteries. Precise measurement results for testing, validation and verification are thus difficult to achieve. This example shows how high-frequency measurements can be carried out in busbars despite the confined space available.

Current and voltage measurement with HV BM Split Modules
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Current flows and voltages in busbars must be measured in numerous components of electric and hybrid vehicles: In HV batteries, current and voltage measurements in the busbars are used to verify simulations for the design of the battery and the battery management system. In integrated e-axles, the measurements in the busbars between the inverter and the electric motor serve as a starting point for performance analyses.

In general, various measurement technology solutions are available. Measurement shunts are ideal for such applications due to their low susceptibility to interference and the possibility of direct installation in the busbar, which minimizes the space required.

Measurement Task

Acquisition of current, voltage and power in busbars, e.g. to analyze performances and verify simulations.

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The measurement technology used must be small enough to be installed in the confined installation spaces and the busbars.

For precise measurements, a large measurement range should be covered, the measurement technology should be insensitive to interference and it should be possible to measure at high data rates.

Furthermore, the measurement technology must of course ensure HV safety for users and adjacent systems by means of suitable protective measures.

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The CSM Measurement Solution

Current and voltage measurements in busbars can be easily implemented with HV BM Split Modules. Due to the split design of measurement modules and acquisition module, the measurement setup can be designed flexibly and measurements can also be taken at measurement points in very confined installation spaces. The measurement modules for current measurement (HV SBM_I - HV Split Breakout Modules) use the active shunt modules of the well-known HV Breakout Modules. These shunt modules consist of measurement shunt, temperature sensor and the sensor electronics and allow very precise measurements of currents with constant current intensity and also high-frequency current peaks.

Measurement setup for current and voltage measurement in busbars
  • The HV SBM_I open was developed for installation directly in the busbars. It consists of a safely encapsulated shunt module and is screwed to the busbar via bores in the copper connection lugs. The HV SBM_I open measures currents up to ±2,000 A and also taps the HV- voltage potential.
  • The HV SBM_I open is connected to the acquisition module HV SAM 1.1 (HV Split Acquisition Module) via a HV-safe and shielded sensor cable. The analog current measured values and the shunt temperature for automatic online temperature compensation are permanently transmitted via this cable. The sensor electronics in the shunt module are also supplied.
  • The HV+ voltage tap is made with a HV-safe and shielded sensor cable. This is also connected to the HV SAM 1.1.
  • The HV SAM 1.1 is installed at a suitable location outside the HV environment.
  • The acquisition module performs galvanic isolation, filtering and AD conversion as well as online calculations. The measurement data is transferred via EtherCAT® with up to 1 MHz. Simultaneous data output via CAN bus is also possible. Optionally, the RMS values of current and voltage calculated in the acquisition module as well as various power factors are also output via CAN bus.
  • A XCP-Gateway converts the EtherCAT® data to XCP-on-Ethernet and passes it on to the measurement computer. In addition, further HV SAM 1.1 or other measurement modules can be integrated and synchronized via the XCP-Gateway for the acquisition of additional measured variables.
Current and voltage measurement in HV busbars in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System
Current and voltage measurement in HV busbars in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System
Video HV BM Split Aplication
Video: HV BM Split Modules - Application B
HV SBM_I open for current measurement installed in a busbar.
HV SBM_I open for current measurement installed in a busbar.
HV+ voltage tap with a HV-safe sensor cable.
The HV+ voltage tap is made with a HV-safe sensor cable.
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Due to the very small design and the special features of the CSM shunt technology, currents and voltages can be measured very precisely even in busbars. The shunt-based measurement and the special sensor electronics minimize the influences of external fields (pseudo signals, hysteresis effects, system-related noise, characteristic curve shift or offset errors) and thus provide very accurate measurement results for further analyses.

Performance data are also calculated directly in the HV SAM 1.1 measurement module. For more in-depth analyses in real time, further components from the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System are used.

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