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Use Cases
Use Cases

High-Voltage Current and Voltage Measurement in Confined Spaces

In the high-voltage electrical system of electric vehicles, high-frequency currents and voltages are measured during test drives. The space required for installing the necessary measurement technology can be very limited due to tightly installed components and cable ducts. This application example shows how currents and voltages can nevertheless be measured with high sampling rates, HV-safe and protected from environmental influences.

Current and voltage measurement with HV BM Split Modules
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Individual components and also the entire HV electrical system of electric and hybrid vehicles are tested extensively in simulations and on test benches. However, measurements and analyses during test drives are indispensable to verify the developments under real conditions.

For precise and fast measurements of currents and voltages in the HV vehicle electrical system, the HV Breakout Modules are a proven solution: Measurements with active measurement shunts (with automatic temperature compensation) directly in the HV power cables provide precise and phase-accurate measurement results. At some measurement points, however, the available installation space for installing the HV Breakout Modules may be too small.

Measurement Task

Measurement of current, voltage and power in the HV vehicle electrical system during test drives to verify development steps.

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The cables of the HV vehicle electrical system are laid where there is space: tightly packed between components or in cable ducts. The measurement technology must have a correspondingly compact design and be able to be used in a decentralized manner in order to be installed under these space conditions.

The small design of the measurement technology should nevertheless not lead to compromises in measurement accuracy: Interference and phase shift should be avoided and the measurement should be carried out directly in the inner conductor. Furthermore, value acquisition should be made at a high data rate to allow for more advanced analyses.

Last but not least, the measurement technology must of course ensure HV safety for users and surrounding systems through suitable protective measures.

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The CSM Measurement Solution

For the safe and precise measurement of current and voltage HV BM Split Modules are used. These use the same measurement principle as the HV Breakout Modules, but the three main components (measurement modules and acquisition module) are installed in separate small and HV-safe housings. This allows the HV BM Split Modules to be flexibly installed wherever space is available.

Measurement setup for measurements in confined spaces
  • A HV SBM_I measures current via a shunt module. This shunt module contains the measurement shunt, the temperature sensor for the sensor data and the sensor electronics. The direct current measurement in the inner conductor, the encapsulated housing and the active shunt module allow precise measurement results.
  • In addition to the current measurement, the HV SBM_I also taps the voltage potential HV-.
  • The voltage tapping HV+ is made with a HV SBM_U.
  • Both variants of the HV SBM are connected to the HV cables with ring terminals (via cable glands).
  • The acquisition module HV SAM 1.1 acquires the current and voltage values of the HV SBM. The voltage is measured in the measurement module. In addition, it performs the filtering and temperature compensation and takes over the sensor supply. Data is output simultaneously via EtherCAT® and CAN.
  • Optionally, the RMS values of current and voltage as well as power data can be calculated online directly in the measurement module and output via CAN bus.
  • A XCP-Gateway converts the EtherCAT® data to XCP-on-Ethernet and forwards it to the measuring computer. If several HV SAMs are used, they can be synchronized via the XCP-Gateway using PTP.
High-voltage current and voltage measurement in confined spaces in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System
High-voltage current and voltage measurement in confined spaces in the systematics of the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System.
Video HV BM Split Aplication
Video: HV BM Split Modules - Application A
HV current and voltage measurement in HV power cables
HV current and voltage measurement in HV power cables routed between components.
Measurement in a cable duct with HV SBM.
Measurement in a cable duct with HV SBM. The HV SAM is installed outside the confined installation space.
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By separating the sensor modules and the measurement module, the HV BM Split Modules can also be used at measurement points where there is little space for installing the measurement technology.

Since the proven technology of the HV Breakout Modules is used in the HV BM Split modules, precise measurement results can be achieved for current, voltage and power measurement.

Power data can also be calculated directly in the measurement module. If more in-depth analyses are to be performed, further components from the Vector CSM E-Mobility Measurement System are available. This allows, on the one hand, powerful analyses in real time and, on the other hand, the simple integration of further measurement technology for the acquisition of additional measured values, such as temperatures and data from vehicle buses and control units.

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