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Fast and synchronous measurements Fast and synchronous measurements

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Fast and synchronous measurement with EtherCAT®:
High performance for mobile measurement applications

The EtherCAT® measurement technology from CSM offers the highest measurement performance: e.g. for multi-channel applications with more than 1,000 strain gauges - / acceleration transducers and applications with measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz per channel.

Manufacturers of measurement devices have to cope with continually increasing requirements. Thus, measurement devices have to acquire and process increasingly large amounts of data.  The proven CAN measurement technology is hereby often pushed to its limits. This is why the EtherCAT® field bus is setting new standards regarding bandwidth, maximum number of channels and synchronicity of measurement signals.

Acquisition of highly dynamic processes

With regard to the optimisation of current and future generations of engines, their auxiliary systems and electric drive systems, the EtherCAT®-based measurement modules from CSM for example, enable a dynamic signal acquisition and the analysis of transients and pulses. These effects arise among others during the switching of high-current actuators, such as are used for electric power steering systems and steering aids. Insofar as all channels are thereby synchronously acquired, the phase relationship between voltage and current can additionally be detected in a high time resolution, in the case of complex loads.

Consistently high sampling rates are the basis for an error-free signal interpretation.
Consistently high sampling rates are the basis for an error-free signal interpretation. (Signal blue; misinterpretations red and green).

Distributed strain gauge measurements on construction machinery with over 1,000 points of measurement

Measurement setups on large construction machinery and construction cranes with many strain gauge sensors often overwhelm the capabilities of the CAN bus in terms of bandwidth, number of points of measurement and cable lengths. EtherCAT® measurement modules from CSM enable the acquisition of more than 1,000 distributed points of measurement. The modules thereby support measurement data rates from 1 Hz up to 10 kHz per channel. In addition, extensive measurement networks can be set up, with distances of up to 100 m between individual measurement modules. This enables the synchronous acquisition of corresponding strains at widely separated points of measurement.

EtherCAT® enhances measurement options

With a high data transfer rate of 100 Mbit/s, EtherCAT® provides the necessary bandwidth for measurement tasks with many channels or extremely high data rates. Thanks to the Distributed Clocks method supported by the EtherCAT® standard, the synchronous acquisition of all points of measurement in a setup is possible (synchronization better than 1 µs). This is particularly important in the case of fast signals and high measurement data rates, because a value measured at the wrong time, can provide for an incorrect measurement result.

EtherCAT® goes mobile

CSM gets EtherCAT® into shape for distributed measurement applications in test drives

CSM adopted all advantages of the proven CAN MiniModule series for its EtherCAT® measurement modules. This includes the compact design, the ruggedness and the protection class IP67. Combined with an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C, these features allow the mounting of EtherCAT® measurement modules in the engine compartment in the same manner as with CAN measurement modules. Thanks to the open standard interface and the proven ease of handling, EtherCAT®measurement modules can be quickly configured and integrated into various kinds of measurement chains.



To keep down fuel consumption rates, the fuel supply system must be regulated to match the fuel demand. Current flows at the electronic control unit (ECU) for the fuel pump are recorded over an extended period of time to find out whether its fuse is correctly rated or not.



XCP-Gateway is the interface between the data acquisition software (e. g. vMeasure, CANape®, INCA®, Vision® ...) and the EtherCAT® measurement modules from CSM. It includes an EtherCAT® master and an XCP-on-Ethernet slave.

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LEM LF 310-S sensor package

LEM Sensor Packages

Hall-effect-based measurement of highly dynamic currents under harsh environmental conditions: the LEM-sensor packages are optimized for connection to our AD4 ECAT modules.

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