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Vector Smart Logger - The Intelligent Logging Solution for E-Mobility and ADAS Developments

When developing vehicle systems, engineers from development and validation often work on the same test vehicle. However, their working methods differ fundamentally. In development, the focus is on ad-hoc investigations with an interactive character. In validation on the other hand, preconfigured measurement jobs are recorded autonomously over several test drives. Up to now, different tools have been used: a computer-based measurement system and a specialized fleet logger. In practice, this always means set-up time - i.e. reconnecting when changing the mode of operation - and also doubled maintenance effort for the configurations.

Vector Smart Logger overcome these hurdles and offer a system that can be operated both interactively and autonomously. This significantly reduces setup time and configuration effort.

Beyond that, you benefit from a significantly higher range of functions compared to classic fleet loggers. Signals from vehicle ECUs and buses, radar, LIDAR, cameras, analog measurement technology as well as online calculations, e.g. of the eMobilityAnalyzer, can be recorded synchronously. Complex system interactions can be investigated holistically.

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Find more videos about the Smart Logger in the Vector Youtube channel


Here you can find the presentation for download as PDF.

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