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Configure measurement chains quickly and reliably - Avoid expensive and time-consuming errors

Increasing demands of developers on measurement tasks mean that the number of measurement channels is constantly growing and test setups are becoming more and more complex. Measurement chains with significantly more than 50 channels are no longer uncommon - and the error-free input of signal names and scaling factors can quickly become a challenge. For perfect measurement results, however, all designations must be correct. Typing errors and transposed numbers, made for example under time pressure, can render entire measurements unusable.

In this episode of CSM Xplained, we show how you can integrate existing data in just a few steps when configuring measurement chains and thus avoid costly errors.

This includes:

  • Using standard names from signal databases
  • TEDS as electrical data sheets
  • Transferring calibration data from sensor databases
  • Possibilities to split tasks and automate processes


Here you can find the presentation for download as PDF.