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Benchmarking in E-Mobility - Measurement Applications, Efficient Solutions

2024-01-31 / 10:00 am CET

Speaker: Timo Eich

Benchmarking plays a major role in vehicle development. Vehicle manufacturers want to understand how competitors solve problems - service providers want to offer comprehensive and objective data sets that enable precisely these comparisons. To obtain this data and the resulting insights, robust and flexible measurement systems are required that can be used, for example, to implement a large number of measurement points for a wide range of measured variables in production vehicles in confined spaces.

In this web seminar, we will show you in a compact 25 minutes:

  • What challenges benchmarking typically pose for measurement system.
  • Which characteristics suitable measurement technology for low-voltage and high-voltage conditions should have for benchmarking.
  • How CSM implements a wide variety of applications in practice.

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