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Exhibition dates and events worldwide

International Work Boat Show


The International Work Boat Show is a trade-only conference and expo for commercial vessel owners, operators and builders as well as the vendors and suppliers that serve them.

Visit us at our booth 4219.


UK Automotive Testing Show & Expo


CSM measurement technology live at the Automotive Testing Show & Expo at Millbrook proving ground in the United Kingdom.




The SENSOR+TEST 2016 gives a Comprehensive Overview of System Expertise for Measuring, Testing, and Monitoring Tasks in all Industries.

Visit us on our booth 1-300.

Automotive Testing Expo Europe


Automotive Testing Expo Europe is the leading event, dedicated to the quality, safety, reliability and durability of vehicles throughout Europe.

Visit us on our booth 1728.


Automotive Testing Expo North America

24.-26.10.2017, Novi

Automotive Testing Expo North America brings together the world’s leading manufacturers of test and evaluation equipment and test service Providers.