MLab (Stiegele Datensysteme GmbH)

The sd.Solutions-package of the Stiegele Datensysteme GmbH is a fully modular structured system solution for:

  • Data collection, visualization, storage and set point setting (MLab)
  • Evaluation, presentation and documentation (MGraph)
  • Set point generation and specification control (MWave)

The Software TestControl that is capable of completely controlling, monitoring and documenting a test-bench is available for test-bench applications.



MLab is the data collection and storage module of the sd.Solutions software package. The CSM CAN MiniModules can be configured directly in MLab over the integrated CSM ConfigTool, the OUTMM is also fully supported.

MLab has recently been equipped with its own EtherCAT master, whose functionality will be expanded gradually. The measurement data of the preconfigured CSM ECAT ADMM4 Module can currently be collected and stored in a time synchronous manner with MLab, or else visualized and further processed with MGraph.

In the future, the CSM ECAT Module will be capable of being configured directly in MLab over the integrated CSM ConfigTool.

Of course, the measurement data recording can concomitantly be executed over CAN and EtherCAT.

Consultation and support for the sd.Solutions-Software is provided directly by the Stiegele Datensysteme GmbH, and actively supported by CSM, in as far as CSM modules are involved.