OUT MiniModules

The OUT MiniModule (OUTMM) generates user-configurable output signals according to predetermined values through CAN bus messages.

The OUTMM 8 was systematically developed for use in vehicles and on the test-bench.

In addition to the Free Running CAN standard version with CSM ConfigTool, a CANopen version according to CiA DS301, DS305 and DS404 is also available.

The eight galvanic isolated output channels are controlled over user-defined CAN Bus messages and offer a high degree of accuracy in all operating modes. Each channel can be configured individually.

Vehicle DBC files can be entered for the configuration and signals directly assigned. With the help of the CSM Generator Software, the OUT-MiniModule can also be used as function generator.

The following operating modes are available:

  • Analog output
  • Current output
  • Frequency output
  • Duty cycle/PWM
  • Digital output


OUTMM Datasheet